If you are suffering from moderate or severe knee arthritis, you may have to opt for knee surgery when medications and physical therapy do not help. But undergoing a knee replacement surgery is indeed a big decision. Before going ahead with it, there are certain questions to ask before knee surgery that you must ask your surgeon to gain clarity about knee replacement surgery.

Questions To Ask Before Knee Replacement Surgery

1. What kind of knee replacement surgery is supposed to be ideal for me?

Depending on the severity of the knee arthritis, you will have the option to choose from a number of knee surgical procedures. Your general physical condition and age will also have a role to play in it. Some of the options include:

  1. Knee arthroscopy
  2. Cartilage restoration and repair
  3. Knee osteotomy surgery
  4. Partial knee replacement
  5. Total knee replacement

To receive maximum results from severe knee arthritis, you should look for the best knee replacement surgery in India.

2. What are the complications of knee surgery and how likely are they experienced?

Complication rates are very low with respect to knee surgery, but complications may arise. They might include damage, infection, or blood clots surrounding the knee tissue. You can get in touch with the healthcare facility or surgeon to know the complications in detail. Remember that if your knee replacement surgeon is experienced enough, the chances of having better outcomes are much higher.

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3. Can I be able to increase the chances of a successful surgery by any means?

You could do certain things beforehand to increase the odds of a successful surgery. You can try certain exercises for strengthening the muscles surrounding and supporting the knee. If you are overweight, you could lose the extra weight. Quitting smoking is also a good approach to increase the chances of successful knee surgery.

4. What results can I expect from knee surgery? What are the outcomes of this surgical procedure?

Knee surgery is usually very safe resulting in positive outcomes. About 90 percent of the people, who have undergone the best knee replacement in India, have shown signs of better mobility and lesser pain. It is important to keep realistic expectations regarding the surgery along with the amount of effort that needs to be put for faster recovery.

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5. How painful is it going to be after the surgery? What can I do to relieve it?

The type of surgery you opt will determine the amount of pain you will experience. Pain medications will be administered to control swelling and pain while you are hospitalized and even after discharge. But, your unique situation will determine how long the pain is going to last.

6. Will I have to discontinue my medications before undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery?

Your doctor will help and guide you through the medications that you need to be continued or discontinued before undergoing surgery. Ask him/her about discontinuing supplements, vitamins, and over-the-counter drugs based on your health condition.

If you have more queries, it is better to ask questions to a surgeon before knee surgery. Having a clear picture of the surgery will help you in preparing better for the outcomes as well as managing expectations.