Highly successful people are always more productive, proactive, happier and really bad at procrastination. There is something special about them and their daily routine, which keeps them working throughout the day.

Ever wondered what their secret is? Their secret to a healthier, happier and productive day lies in how they begin their day at the first place. Certain successful people have perfect daily habits for a happier life which they practice daily and that help them feel accomplished and happy throughout the day.

Each individual has his or her way of dealing with their morning. Some like to check emails on their smartphones as soon as they get out of their bed, while others like to go for a way or grab a cup of hot tea. Each activity conducted early in the morning has an impact on what you feel, what you do and how you plan rest of the day.

daily habits for happier life

Simple Habits For Happier Life

There are certain habits that will make you happier you should follow every morning to make yourself happier, wealthier, successful and more satisfied than before. One of them is to take out time for yourself. Some of the best daily routine habits that should be followed every morning are discussed below.

Setting Your Morning Wake-up Schedule

Waking up really early in the morning is the key to a fresh and productive day. Most successful people make it a habit to wake up early so that they have enough of “me” time and time for things that are really very important to them. By rising up early, you have more control over things and you get enough time to plan your day in advance.

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Ventilate and Meditate

The first thing you should do after waking up early in the morning is open the door and windows of your room to let fresh morning breeze and sunlight flow through it. It has been scientifically proved that an exposure to early morning sunshine can help set the sleep-wake cycle by stimulation human body’s natural biological clock. Sunshine naturally boosts the neurotransmitter that promotes a feeling of happiness in individuals.

In addition, make sure to meditate for a few days before heading to your daily chores. Meditation is a great way to channel your energies and helps achieve peace in case you are under stress or worried deeply about something.

Ditch Tea,Embrace Lemon Water

Drinking a glass full of lemon water in the morning helps flush out all the toxins from the body. Lemons are highly rich in vitamin C, that helps curb the formation of free radicals that lead to aging and wrinkles, reduce the risk of diseases and increase body’s capacity to absorb iron.

However, make sure that you drink a glass full of warm water with lemon in it. In case you don’t like its taste, replace is with plain warm water. It helps keep the digestive system and bowel movement on track.

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Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

No, that does not mean that it is mandatory for you to hit the gym, even when you cannot. Exercise includes simple 15 to 20 minutes worth of brisk walking everyday or 10 to 15 minutes of stretching exercises.

These simple exercises help eliminate any kind of lethargy that you be feeling by working on proper circulation and waking up the muscles of the body to prepare them for the day ahead. Once you are comfortable performing stretching exercises for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning, you can transfer the routine to a more rigorous Yoga or other exercises that lasts for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Learn Not To Pick Up Mobile Phones

A majority of people with smartphones now suffer from this dreadful habit – picking up their phones first thing in their morning to check their emails, Whatsapp and Facebook notifications, text, and whatnot.

Not picking up your phone in the morning is one of the most wonderful things that you can do to make your day productive. Replace checking and responding to the notifications in the morning with any other creative and more useful activity, such as reading a book, exercising, sitting with your loved ones, penning down your thoughts, or watering your garden.So these are the daily habits for a happier life.