It is not just women who want to look and feel young at all stages of life, but men also feel a strong urge to stay fit, young, and handsome all the time. Such men often end up buying a whole lot of merchandise and accessories to keep up with the changing fashion and trend.

One of the most important things that such men should understand is that it is not necessary to revamp your entire wardrobe to look up-to-date, fashionable, handsome, and young. Rather than overwhelming themselves with the desire to “fit” according to the latest trend, men should focus on grooming themselves naturally.

There are certain lifestyle-related habits that men should follow to keep themselves young and handsome. These habits not only help maintain younger looks but also increase the “feel good” factor among men. Feeling good on the inside goes a long way in when it comes to glowing and youthful looks. In addition, it slows down aging.

how to be handsome naturally

tips for men wondering how to look handsome, young, and fit naturally:

Tip #1: Embrace Colors

Men who stick to monotone or usual dressing style each and every day should try doing this at least once and see the difference. Blacks, blues, and greys are a thing of the past – you should try coloring up your wardrobe, preferably to match the color that goes well with the color of your iris. For example, the brown iris often reflects aubergine, olive or rust color. It not only makes you look smart but adding color to your wardrobe also makes you feel youthful.

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Tip #2: Kill Smoke Once and For All

For men who really wish to stay young, youthful, and smart, smoking is their worst enemy. Active and passive smoking throws cell machinery out of balance and leads to the huge production of free radicals that may result in wrinkled skin and scars.

The skin loses all its charm well before time and all the glow is lost. In addition, smoking has also been linked to reduced sperm count and abnormality in their function, shape, and structure. Therefore, leaving smoking altogether is absolutely essential for men to stay young and healthy. This is an important tip if you want to look handsome naturally for long.

Tip #3: Run, Exercise, Play, Repeat

Exercising, playing sports such as football and basketball and taking time out to rum and job is absolutely essential for men to stay active throughout their life. You can form a group that includes your school friends, college buddies or neighbors and spare some time out every day to perform these activities with them. This not only helps keep your body fit but also makes you feel young as small chit chat sessions remind you of the beautiful memories from the past.

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Tip #4: Cleaning and Moisturising

Who said that cleansing and moisturizing if just meant for the women? Men need to perform these simple daily routines as much as women. Cleansing your face with a cleansing lotion commonly available in the market before going to bed helps keep all the impurities away that you may have accumulated over the day. Follow this step with the application of a good moisturizer to keep your skin soft, supple, and glowing. Follow this routine for at least a month and experience the results in terms of facial look for yourself.


Tip #5: Change Your Thinking

Last but not the least, men should change their mindset about aging by simply not thinking about it at all. Stop thinking that you are growing old and half of your problem is solved already. Worrying about the fact that you are aging not only has an impact on what you do and how you behave, but it also shows on your face and how you carry yourself.

In fact, you should never stop learning new things and ways of life just because you are aging. Doing this not only deprives your of an opportunity to gain knowledge but also makes you age even faster. These are the tips to look handsome for men.