People celebrate Mother’s Day around the globe in the month of May. While children may shower their mothers with all variety of gifts on this day, there is nothing that could prove equivalent to what mothers gift their children by bringing them into this world.

Knowingly or unknowingly, mothers shower their children with several healthy traits, features, and characteristics. These gifts do not cost anything, but they should be appreciated and accepted with an immense gratitude.

The following are the five greatest gifts from mothers to their children, who should thank them for it:

Immunity: The breast milk that the mother produces (colostrum) right after the birth of her child contains all the essential antibodies and other immune cells that the baby may need to ward off infection and prevent diseases. This defence system continues to play its role even when the baby is no longer breastfed.

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Brain function: Research suggests that almost all of the mitochondria in an individual are inherited from their mothers, not fathers. Since mitochondria are the powerhouse of cells that produces metabolic energy and brain is the largest consumer of this energy, mothers play a key role in promoting brain function.

Intelligence: It is believed that a majority of genes associated with intelligence are located on the X chromosome. Only females carry two X chromosomes, while males carry just one. Thus, intelligence in males is believed to be linked to their mothers than their fathers.

Health programming: The health of an individual is, in a way, “programmed” long before his or her mother conceives. Lifestyle habits such as diet, smoking, and drinking have a significant role on the health of the baby. It is now understood that the diet of the mother affects their children’s health not only during pregnancy but throughout her life.


Body contour: People with a perfect hourglass figure and body contour to die for should probably thank their mothers for it. It has been long researched that the body structure of an individual is derived from their mothers, which can eventually change over a period of time but can be maintained through proper physical activity and diet.