There are people who prefer to drink coffee and tea occasionally or never drink them at all. On the other hand, there are people who need a dose of coffee or tea to even get out of their beds in the morning!

Coffee and tea are the two most popular drinks in the United States and several other countries around the world. While these two drinks have their own benefits, drinking them in excess or supplementing them with add ons such as extra milk, sugar, and cream can be particularly harmful to your health. In this article, we will tell you how to make your tea and coffee healthy.

Coffee and tea addicts tend to go for several types of add-ins to enhance the taste of their drinks. While the add-ins may end up satisfying the taste buds of its drinkers, only a few know that each cup of coffee or tea supplemented with add-ins that you drink in a day end up adding a huge amount of calories on top of your usual calorie intake.

This is evident from the findings of a study published in the journal Public Health. The researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigns figured out that extra calories associated with each cup of sweetened coffee or tea with extra milk may seem little, but they add up and contribute to extra pounds that may become difficult to shed off at an older age.

make your coffee and tea healthy

The researchers looked at the calorie intake of more than 13,000 coffee drinkers and 6.200 tea drinkers and figured out that those who used add in to enhance the flavor of their drink ended up gaining 69 more calories than those who drank plain drink. The add ins that people prefer to opt for include sugar, cream, sugar and cream substitutes, whole milk and reduced fat milk.

A majority of extra calories gained from add-ins come from sugar, and the remaining come from the fat portion of the add-in. Meanwhile, adding milk to coffee or drink also contribute to the daily calcium intake, however, the contribution is a bit too small as compared to the actual daily calcium requirement (1000mg).

How To Make Your Coffee And Tea Healthy

Meanwhile, there are ways by which you can still enjoy drinking coffee and tea while keeping the ill-health effects of add-ins at bay. Here are some of the ways by which you can make your daily dose of coffee and tea healthy:

Add Cinnamon To Coffee or Tea

Adding just a pinch of cinnamon to coffee or tea makes it far healthier than its original form. Cinnamon boosts the drink with antioxidants and also helps control blood sugar levels naturally. Research has long associated the use of cinnamon with several health benefits, and improved lipid profile, better metabolism, and weight loss are some of them. Moreover, cinnamon adds a great flavor to tea or coffee.


Follow Up Dinner With Tea or Coffee

The best time to drink a cup of coffee or tea is right after you eat, and not as a first thing in the morning. Coffee contains caffeine, which triggers the release of blood sugar reducing hormone called insulin. As a result, you may feel drained out after drinking a cup of coffee empty stomach.

This is why it is always helpful if you eat something light before gulping a cup of coffee or eat something with every sip of the beverage.

Replace Sugar With Collagen

The best way to make coffee healthy is by replacing sugar in it with collagen, which is adequately present in bone broth. Collagen facilitates tissue repair, acts as an excellent agent to reduce joint pain and also curbs inflammation.

Sprinkle Cocoa Powder

Adding a little bit of cocoa powder into coffee is a great way to make it taste great, and at the same time, improve the benefits associated with coffee. This natural taste enhancer supplies antioxidants, which protect the heart against diseases. However, make sure to add only a little organic unsweetened cocoa to your beverage to make it these are the tips by which you can make your tea and coffee healthy.