Dry cough at night time could be a major disruption in your good night’s sleep. It not only makes you restless and sleep-deprived but also ends up irritating the person sleeping next to you. While adults can still tolerate the disruption, it is nearly impossible for kids to tolerate nighttime cough and still not behave crankily. Children who experience cough at night not only end up losing the sanctity of their throat but also find it hard to fall asleep again.

Night time cough seems more annoying and irritating than day time cough. There are a number of cough suppressants available in the form of syrups and tablets that claim to work as an expectorant to get instant relief from cough, throat irritation and sore throat. However, such medications take a long time to show its effectiveness and may also result in unwanted drowsiness that lasts throughout the day.

get relief from cough

How To Get Relief From Cough

In such a scenario, the best way to avoid dry cough at night is to go all natural and rely on simple steps to get relief from cough, but also avoids it from coming back. Some of these tips and remedies are discussed below.

Tip#1: Identify The Irritant

An exposure to an irritant present in your bedroom may be the reason behind excessive at night time. Therefore, it is important for you to identify the potential allergen, which may be in the form of a dust particle, pollen or a feather.

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Change your pillow cover and bed sheet – in case they are left hanging outside in the sun after washing. Stuff like these may potentially bring allergens inside your bedroom and you may not even realize that you are allergic to the particles that the sun-dried linen may bring with itself.

 Tip #2: Honey Can Do Wonders

Honey can be a wonderful source of cough relief. It works as effectively as any other cough suppressant available in the market in the form of a medication. This wonderful natural agent works by soothing the respiratory tract and calming it to stop cough.

For best results, try drinking a cup of warm water or tea with two spoonful of honey dissolved in it before bedtime. It will miraculously relax the throat and prevent cough at night time.

Tip #3: Hot Shower Can Break Mucus

A nice hot bath just before hitting the bed not only helps relax the body, but also helps break down all the mucus that gets accumulated in the chest and the respiratory tract. The steam produced during the hot bath health loosen up the mucus and thus helps eliminate congestion in the nose and the chest.

Try inhaling steam for a few minutes during the hot shower and releasing the loosened mucus by blowing your nose forcefully. However, taking a steam bath should be avoided by patients with asthma.

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Tip #4: Change You Sleeping Position

Some types of sleeping positions can trigger cough at night. For example, you should avoid sleeping on your back at night time to avoid excessive coughing. Sleeping on your back relaxes your lungs and allows it to expand fully, which may trigger cough. Instead, you should try sleeping on your side or in an inclined position by piling up pillows below your head. This prevents mucus build up in the nose from irritating your throat leading to cough.

Tip #5: Control Humidity In Your Room

Dry air can worsen cough at night. Therefore, make sure that the air in your room is humidified up to some extent. To control humidity in your room, you can make use of a humidifier.

Humidifier not only helps maintain proper flow of air, but also helps maintain the moisture of the respiratory tract. Moist airway is always at a less risk of coughing. However, make sure that the humidity levels are maintained at 40 to 50 percent. Because in an environment more damp than that, dust mites and other pathogens such as mold may thrive, leading to an increased risk of infections and cough. These are the tips to get relief from cough instantly.