Details on Chemotherapy in India

Chemotherapy Treatment in India

Chemotherapy treatment in India is used for the treatment of different types of cancers. Also called Chemo, this procedure makes use of certain drugs that help kill cancerous cells in any part of the human body. Chemotherapy is administered in the form of drip or an injection or even in the form of oral pills to patients. Since chemo gets dissolved into the bloodstream, it can reach any part of the body where the cancerous cells are found and eventually destroy them.
Chemotherapy treatment in India is popular around the world. India boasts of top specialists in cancer treatment that have unmatched skills and training in the field of oncology. Latest drugs combined with profound clinical research are offered at the leading and best cancer hospitals in India. World-class treatment is provided to treat cancer, one of the most complicated diseases that claims thousands of lives every year around the world.
chemotherapy in India
Not every country in the world is adequately equipped with modern technology for breast cancer treatment. In a challenging scenario where Nigeria is suffering from the dearth of modern and latest breast cancer treatment, India is becoming increasingly popular for its affordable treatment options and innovative treatment procedures.
India has multi-facilitated laboratories and clinical research team to test the various forms of cancer drugs to find out if they work out successfully against any particular type of cancer. Sometimes, multiple drugs, each effective for any particular form of cancer, are combined to ensure maximised effect against cancer. Prior to administering chemo to patients, a different combination of drugs is tested in clinical trials to find out positive outcome and result.
Chemotherapy cost in India is one of the major reasons why so many patients come to India for cancer treatment. A majority of chemotherapy drugs are manufactured in India, thus, the low cost of cancer treatment in India. However, the cost varies within the country from one state to another and one hospital to another.

Best Chemotherapy Hospitals in India

India is adequately equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art hospitals that specialise in cancer treatment. Cancer hospitals in India offer all possible opportunities to deal with the complicated disease to overcome the problem and ensure normal life to patients.
A majority of chemotherapy treatment hospitals in India offer primary care to patients and free care to almost 70 percent of the cancer patients. International patients who come to India for affordable chemotherapy treatment will find cancer treatment options combined with sophisticated treatment for patients. These hospitals offer free treatment to poor patients, thus making it quite lucrative for the countrymen.
The coveted hospitals in the country offer radiological imaging technology that uses different diagnostic techniques such as MRI, CT scan, real-time nuclear medicine scanning and PET scan. This is the sole reason why overseas patients prefer India as the most suitable destination for seeking successful chemotherapy or cancer treatments at a reasonable cost.
The best part is various types of cancer surgeries, laser surgeries and chemotherapies are conducted under the same roof for patients from anywhere in the world at the best hospitals for cancer treatment in India. The top hospitals for chemotherapy in India aim at providing greater precision, more flexible treatment, faster treatment delivery, a higher level of patient comfort and flexible treatment scheduling. It should be known that most of the treatment facilities have thyroid wing and paediatric oncology for the benefits of children.

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Chemotherapy Cost in India

It is a known fact that cancer treatment cost is very high in some parts of the world, as compared to India. This is the reason why patients from various parts of the globe come to India to seek affordable cancer treatment. Tin fact, the country is regarded as the most viable option for quality cancer treatment. In recent years, there has been a dramatic surge in patients coming from Mauritius, US, UK, UAE, Sri Lanka and Africa.
Generally, cost of chemotherapy is high, so it is better that you plan your finances beforehand. Each session of chemotherapy is between $300 to $2000. However, this cost is subjected to change depending upon the dosage and typed of drugs used. It should be noted that if cancer is diagnosed at an earlier stage and at the right time, then the treatment cost is comparatively lower than what it would otherwise be in the advanced stage cancer.
The type of treatment required for every patient is individual and depends upon the condition of the patient. The type of treatment approach depends on the patient’s medical history and age.
Even the cost of chemotherapy in India differs from city to city. In addition, the total cost of chemotherapy in India depends on the number of investigation and diagnostic tests conducted, doctor’s fee, surgeon’s fee, room facilities, the infrastructure of hospitals, follow-up visits, and so on. Other treatment cost variability factors include the type of cancer surgery, drugs and radiation therapies.

Understanding Chemotherapy

The chemotherapy drug is particularly designed to kill abnormal cells. The drugs available are naturally occurring compounds, of which some are man-made chemicals and others are identified in different plants. Although chemotherapy is considered the most suitable option for treating cancer, it still has many side effects associated with it. Post chemotherapy, there can be serious complications, while other side effects of chemo are mild and treatable. chemotherapy process

When is chemotherapy used?

The procedure is most commonly used to treat early-stage invasive breast cancer to help combat abnormal cells that are left after the surgery. The objective is to reduce the risk of cancer from reoccurring.
Chemotherapy is also used to make different types of tumours and cancerous cells smaller prior to radiation therapy or surgery. This procedure is also called neo-adjuvant chemotherapy. When chemo is used in combination with biological therapy and radiation therapy, it tends to work better. Besides, chemotherapy treatment works best for recurring cancerous cells.

Side effects of Chemotherapy

Some of the side effects of chemotherapy include vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, fever, fatigue, mouth sores, easy bruising, constipation, hair loss and loss of appetite. There are certain chemotherapy side effects that do not become visible until months or years have passed after the treatment. These include infertility, damage to lung tissue, heart problems, the risk of second cancer, kidney problems, nerve damage and heart problems.

Before Chemotherapy

Doctors generally give you prior instructions before chemotherapy. Before intravenous chemotherapy, a device similar to a port, catheter or pump is surgically inserted into the patient’s body. In addition, the patient has to undergo several procedures and tests to ensure that he or she is a good candidate for chemotherapy. If there is any problem, the doctor may suggest different dosage or drug for chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy doctors often suggest patients undergo a dental examination to check if there is any kind of infection. It is advisable to make a few plans ahead of the side effects such as buying a head cover since hair loss is a severe chemotherapy side effect symptom.
While undergoing chemotherapy, patients’ families or patients themselves are suggested to make adequate arrangements at home. This is because chemotherapy is given in an outpatient clinic. Therefore, the patient may continue with his or her normal daily routines while undergoing chemotherapy. Having adequate arrangements at home will help him or her keep up with a normal flow of life.
Make sure you undertake the right preparation before chemotherapy. Take a light meal if chemotherapy causes nausea. It is better if you have a friend or family member drive you to the clinic.

What to expect from chemotherapy?

Remember, chemotherapy is given depending upon the type of cancer, stage of cancer, previous cancer treatment, preferences and goals and your overall health. Chemotherapy drugs are administered by infusion or pills, creams or shots, as drugs or directly to cancer patients. The number of chemotherapy sessions that a patient receives depends upon how he or she is responding to each chemo session and recovering from it.
After all, chemotherapy treatment is one of the best and most followed treatments for cancer. Since the drug used in it mixes in the blood stream, the chemo help to reach any part of your body quickly. This allows quick recovery and better treatment of the disease.


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