What is the Cost of Cranioplasty Surgery in India

Cranioplasty in India

Cranioplasty surgery in India is conducted across all major states in the country. The purpose of the surgery is to improve the shape and symmetry of the head. Cranioplasty surgical procedure involves neurosurgical repair of any imperfections or irregularities in the skull. It is indeed a complex procedure that requires a highly professional, experienced and skilled surgeon to perform the surgery.
India is one of the most trusted and preferred destinations for cranioplasty treatment. Overseas patients are mostly drawn towards the highly affordable cranioplasty cost in India. Even the best internationally accredited hospitals in India charge a fraction of what cranioplasty costs in the US. Equivalent superior outcomes are also assured of getting the treatment done in India.
cranioplasty in India
India is an ideal destination because of the advanced medical centres, best neurosurgeons and top-drawer facilities. Top-notch multi speciality hospitals in India have doctors and surgeons that are trained from some of the top medical institutions and hospitals around the world. In addition, they are very professional in handling easy to complex medical cases. The best hospitals in India have top-notch arrangement and facilities required for successful cranioplasty treatment and other types of brain surgery.

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Best Cranioplasty Hospitals in India

India is regarded as a highly accessible and approachable wellness destination where patients from overseas come every year to seek affordable medical treatment and cranioplasty treatment in India is one such popular treatment option. The best cranioplasty hospitals in India have some of the best surgeons, brain specialists, nurses and other supporting medical staff to perform the critical surgical procedure with all the care, precision and accuracy.
Moreover, through their rehabilitative and intensive care services, these best hospitals for cranioplasty in India make sure that the patient is able to recover fully and quickly after the procedure. The top cranioplasty hospitals in India continue to participate in advanced research protocols and invest large sums in fetching and incorporating state-of-the-art technology to ensure uncompromised neurological care.
The doctors at these hospitals are specially trained in skull operation from the finest institutes in the UK and US. They are well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise of conducting the most common treatment in the field of neurology and brain surgery, including spine surgery and minimally invasive brain, pain management and interventional neuroradiology care.
Some of the most coveted spinal disorders and neuroscience hospitals in the world are located in India. They are spread across some of the major cities in India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Noida.
Bringing together methodical surgical techniques, super patient-oriented care and availability of expert physicians under one roof to attend to patients is the primary motive of these hospitals. The services provided by the hospital and in-depth experience cover the entire spectrum of neurological care.
The best neurosurgery hospital in India make use of scientifically advanced laboratory services, ultrasound scanning procedures, neuronavigation and operating microscope for diagnosis and treatment of the patients. International patients can seek the best and safe cranioplasty treatment in India in any of the major city. The doctors and surgeons work with the patient and his/her family to determine an appropriate treatment based on the cause and severity of the condition and the symptoms experienced by the patient.
All major hospitals for cranioplasty in India have an associate board comprising of highly experienced and certified surgeons who perform hundreds of such surgeries in a year. Such hospitals have therapeutic services and diagnostic services meticulously integrated under the same roof. The ultimate objective of the hospitals in India is to provide cost-friendly treatment to patients from other countries.

Cranioplasty Cost in India

Cranioplasty treatment is offered at the most cost-effective price in India as compared to the UK and the US. Travelling to India from far-away lands for cranioplasty treatment proves helpful for patients looking forward to saving their money as cranioplasty cost in India can be as much as 80 percent less than what it costs in other countries.
A plethora of services, hassle-free treatment, prompt pick up from the airport, discounted travel option, travelling in the air-conditioned car, support and round the clock services are provided to overseas patients. Once a patient completes his or her assessment and is rendered medically fit during initial medical tests, the cranioplasty procedure is scheduled without making the patient wait.
Cranioplasty surgery cost in India for patients includes the price of drugs and related medical procedure, facility fees, consultation and diagnostic study costs, surgeon’s fees, the cost of managing any complications during treatment and lodging, boarding and food cost.
A cost estimate is provided to the patients in advance before they even make their decision to come to India for treatment. Suppose the number of overseas travellers is two, the number of days spent in hospital is four, the number of days spent outside hospitals is 9 and the total number of days spent in India is 13, then the total cost of cranioplasty is India is estimated to be around $7,000.

Why is cranioplasty required?

When there is any kind of abnormality or imperfection in the skull of a person, it is corrected with the help of cranioplasty procedure. It is defined as a neurosurgery repair used to treat imperfections associated with the highly sensitive part of the human body – the brain. It is, indeed, a complicated procedure. Therefore, skilled, experienced and professional surgeons are required to conduct the surgery.cranioplasty need
During cranioplasty surgery, a bone graft is used to repair any defect or gap in the human skull or vault of the human skull. The graft is created by using bone from the ribs, or adjacent part of the skull area or pelvis. In some cases, synthetic material such as tantalum or Silastic (silicone rubber) is used. While cranioplasty surgery is considered as the neurological improvement, it is sometimes also as a cosmetic surgery.

Types of Skull Abnormality

There are several factors that may lead to an abnormality in the skull, including premature closing of the cranial sutures, recurring damage to the skull due to trauma, heredity conditions in which children are born with skull irregularities, inability of the skull to expand better, hole in the head and defects in the skull leading to exposure of the brain.

What happens during cranioplasty?

During cranioplasty procedure, the patient is administered general anaesthesia. He or she is positioned on the surgical table with the bone defect area facing above for easy accessibility of the defective skull area.
The portion of the head where the incision is to be made is shaved and is prepared with antiseptic. While the patient lies down, he or she is draped wholly so that only the incision is visible. After administering local anaesthesia, the area is cut. The cranioplasty surgeon then make a minute incision by cutting the skull from the dura, which is the underlying portion of the brain. Once done, the edges of the surrounding bone are properly cleaned to allow the graft to stick.
As for the graft, the doctors will decide the source of the graft, which can be the pelvis, ribs or the adjacent skull bone. Synthetic material may be used to fix the gap in the skull. Other materials such as Silastic, titanium, prefabricated acrylic, titanium plate and rib graft are created for implantation in the body.
The replaced bone or the original bone which is placed in the defected area is secured with plates, screws and special discs. In case the graft is not available, the patient is treated with other material. Once the graft is fixed, everything is repositioned and then the skin is closed with special staples or nylon sutures.

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Risks Associated with Cranioplasty and Recovery Period

Some of the common cranioplasty risks include stroke, seizure, inflammation, infections, brain injury, prolonged recovery time and blood clotting post operation. Recovery after cranioplasty takes less time as compared to other neurological procedures. However, the recovery period varies from patient to patient depending upon their medical conditions and the complications that may experience. Typically, the patient needs to stay at the hospital for a week after the surgery.
The ease and convenience of the surgery actually depend upon the cause of the bone defect. If the dura mater covering the brain is healthy and unbroken, then the operation is easier and uncomplicated. Post-surgery, the patient is discharged within 5 to 7 days. The sutures are removed 9 to 10 days after the surgery.
When international patients are thinking of coming to India for cranioplasty treatment, they should take a few steps ahead. First, they have to decide in which Indian hospital they would like to undergo the treatment.
Once they contact the hospital, it is the responsibility of the hospital staff and the doctors to ensure a stress-free journey for the patient along with his or her family. It is also their responsibility to check that the patient and his or her family feels comfortable upon their arrival in India and during their entire stay.
The doctors, nurses and the entire team are specially trained to offer the highest level of service in the most respectful, discreet and compassionate manner. The best part about the top hospitals in India is that each case is treated and handled carefully to ensure the favourable outcome for each patient.

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