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Why Thailand

Thailand beats in the heart of south East Asia. It’s healthcare industry is driven by private hospitals offering the best in the industry at a really low price. Thailand is a land of dreams and this land is also turning the dream of world class healthcare facility at an affordable price a reality. It is one of the tourist hotspots and hosts millions of tourists every year from different parts of the world. It is also known as ‘land of smiles’ and is now equally famous for its world class offerings in the field of healthcare and medical tourism. It has effectively combined its world class reputation as tourist destination with its best in the world medical facilities.

Best about healthcare facilities in Thailand

Thailand houses nearly 39 JCI accredited hospitals. This guarantees the quality of healthcare industry in Thailand. Majority of the hospitals are accredited by Ministry of public health as well. Hospitals in Thailand are equipped with latest cutting edge technologies and treatments; they offer a wide range of treatments with modern facilities. They maintain international standards of healthcare keeping them in pace with the medical advancements and developments. Hospitals have dedicated international departments for the facilitation of international patients with dedicated staff members.

Well trained and highly skilled professionals

Thailand is really serious about the quality that it should deliver in the healthcare industry. This has made it to employ a huge number of doctors and nurses who have been trained abroad and have earned their qualifications from esteemed western institutions. They are amazingly well trained on latest healthcare technologies and are constantly upgrading themselves. The experience and expertise of the doctors in Thailand is as good as what you would expect in any developed country.

Availability of alternative therapies and medicine

Thailand is world famous for its Thai massage, therapeutic massage, world class spas, and use of herbs for various ailments. The natural healing techniques work like wonder in the serene and natural environment of Thailand. These assistive practices have become indispensable part of the Thai healthcare system and provide faster and natural way of healing.

Language barrier/proficiency

Thai is the official language in Thailand. However, professionals in the healthcare are bilingual and can take care of you well. English is widely spoken by the medical professionals and is considered to be a must for the profession. Hospitals have staff from different cultural backgrounds and English is mostly used for communication. Hospitals have arranged for special translator services in their international departments.

Offerings in Tourism

When you think of relaxing and recovering in the scenic beaches with your family, Thailand comes to your mind. Thailand has evolved to be a tourist magnet with its warm and friendly locals. It boasts a countless tourist activities, the list is really exhaustive. Thailand has something for everyone, from really developed urban infrastructure, rich historical monuments and temples to natural lush green surrounding and not to forget the magnificent beaches with glittery sand in the sunshine. Shopping in Thailand is famous because of huge bargain availability, so remember to steal your deal. All this ensures that you get the best value for your money.

Waiting time for the medical help

Thailand has such a vast number of internationally accredited hospitals. The waiting queues just do not exist in Thailand. You just have to plan your travel and the required procedures can be performed at your convenience and doctors are willing to take any challenge that they can to ensure better health for you.

Well connected with the world

The tourist destination Thailand is ought to be connected with the world. Thailand hosts flights from almost every part of the world and almost all major carriers fly in with daily flights. You can also take the advantage of cities well developed local transport for commuting.

Government initiatives

Government in Thailand has set the goal to become the leader in medical tourism and is lending all the support for the growth of this already bit mature sector. Government is providing facilities and support to hospitals for upgrading the infrastructure and to be at par with European and western facilities. Thailand is famous for accepting tourists from the globe with open arms and further relaxation in visa laws specially the visa on arrival for lot countries has proved to be the best move in promoting Thai healthcare industry.

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