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Frequently Asked Questions

Lyfboat is a hand-curated medical marketplace that brings Healthcare providers and patients together. Lyfboat is ideal for people seeking information on surgery or treatment abroad. Patients can search, compare and inquire with hospitals, doctors, and medical tourism agencies worldwide.

About Lyfboat

Lyfboat provides doctors the opportunity to build a solid online reputation and attract more international & domestic patients.

Our clients benefit from a variety of features used to promote their services: 

  • Detailed Doctor Profiles enable people to get to know the people that will be treating them. To patients, who treats them is just as important as where they get treated.
  • The Inquiry Management Service provides a seamless experience to manage qualified leads and communicate efficiently with patients.
  • Video profiles help patients to “get to know you” online. In order to increase conversion rates, and for brand identification, videos are must haves for any provider with an online presence and intent to succeed.
  • Our Patient Stories enable you to share the experiences of your past patients in order to build trust with potential new patients.
  • Our 24/7 chat service ensures every patient is handled with care and the best leads are delivered to you quickly.
  • Our Live chat services are internationally accessible, catering to the needs of customers in different time zones and it enables us to provide the relevant answers to queries instantly, which lead to improved conversion rates.

Step 1: Create your free Lyfboat Profile create your free Lyfboat profile so customers can find you online. You can use our self-serve portal or submit the information to our professional team to assist you with this.

Step 2: Receive relevant inquiries only customers come to Lyfboat seeking the right healthcare professionals for their medical care. Your profile contains services provided, detailed descriptions, images, reviews from other patients, and more, but is completely customized based on search.

• Manage customer leads.

• Qualified leads – we will only show your profile for treatments you offer.

Step 3: Provide cost estimates

• View medical records from patients to provide custom quotes

• Know when a customer selects you for their treatment

• You only pay when you treat a patient

 Step 4: Schedule consultation use the built in communication tools to coordinate an initial consultation date with the patient

• Book a consultation date

• Easy communication tools

Step 5: Coordinate Travel Logistics Communicate with your patients to coordinate travel logistics and understand their needs prior to travel to make the process smoother for your customers.

• Know when a patient is arriving

• Collect required information for documents such as Medical visa letter

Provider Profiles

Only doctors who pass our rigorous qualification process can join Lyfboat. Doctors must be practicing at a Lyfboat qualified hospital and must be licensed nationally and at the state level, in good standing with their state medical boards, and meet a number of other guidelines.

We work closely with each of the doctors interested in partnering with us. We have a strict vetting process and carefully select the ones we choose to work with. If you think you are good match and would like to be listed on Lyfboat, please contact us at info@lyfboat.com.


We encourage doctors to reply to all reviews directly with the patient. We encourage open, honest and respectful responses to negative reviews. If you feel a review is inaccurate or false, please contact us at Support@lyfboat.com  and we will initiate an investigation.

No, genuine reviews cannot be deleted. We moderate all reviews and comments on the site to ensure they are genuine reviews from real patients. If you feel a review is inaccurate or false, please contact us at support@lyfboat.com  and we will initiate an investigation.


Please contact us at info@lyfboat.com to discuss the listing process and pricing structure.

Your payment terms and conditions are specified in the contract between you and Lyfboat. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@lyfboat.com


We are happy to help! Please contact us at info@lyfboat.com for any questions or comments you may have.

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