Dr. Vipin Mishra

Qualification - MBBS, MD (Medicine), PhD, DM (Endocrinology)

Specialization - Endocrinologist

Designation - Consultant

Location - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hospital(s) - Zulekha Hospital Dubai

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Career Profile

Dr. Vipin Mishra has obtained the degree of MBBS in the year 1980 and MD (Medicine) with a university gold medal in 1984 from SN Medical College, Agra, India. He obtained PhD in Medicine from Agra University in 1991 and DM (Endocrinology) from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi in the year 1992. Dr. Mishra worked in the UK for one year as a Commonwealth Medical Fellow from 1993 to 1994. In UK he worked at the Royal Victoria Infirmary and Freeman Hospital in Newcastle-upon-Tyne with the world authority in Diabetes & Endocrinology Prof. KGMM Alberti.

After finishing his postgraduate medical education Dr. Mishra joined GSVM Medical College, Kanpur, India on a faculty position of Assistant Professor of Medicine. In due course of time he progressed to the positions of Associate Professor and finally Professor of Medicine in the same medical college. Dr. Mishra joined Fortis Hospital, Noida and Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital, Vaishali, Ghaziabad in the Delhi NCR region as Senior Consultant and Head of the Department of Diabetes & Endocrinology. In June 2015 he joined Jaypee Hospital, Noida as Director, Institute of Diabetes & Endocrinology.

Clinical Focus

  • All types of Diabetes including Type-1, Type-2, Gestational and Monogenic Diabetes
  • All types of diabetic complications
  • All types of thyroid diseases including hypothyroidism, thyrotoxicosis (hyperthyroidism), thyroid nodules and other types of goitres
  • Obesity
  • Problems of growth and development in boys and girls including short stature, excessively tall stature and delayed, deficient or absent pubertal development (sexual maturation)
  • Pituitary diseases including pituitary tumours, Acromegaly, problems of high prolactin, Diabetes Insipidus, Syndrome of Inappropriate Secretion of ADH (SIADH) etc.
  • Adrenal gland diseases like Cushing’s syndrome, Addison’s disease, Adrenal tumours, Pheochromocytoma and Hyper and hypo-aldosteronism
  • Hyper and hypo-parathyroidism
  • Male and female infertility and / or sexual dysfunction due to hormonal causes
  • Problems of ambiguous genitalia and gender assignment in children
  • Metabolic bone diseases including osteoporosis, osteomalacia and rickets
  • Rare neuro-endocrine tumours and carcinoid syndrome

Research and Publications

  • Lifestyle Management of Diabetes. Medicine Update (API) - 2015, Volume-25; 157 – 160
  • Non Pharmacological Management of Diabetes. Challenges in Clinical Practice: Clinical Medicine Update- 2014, Agra; 95 - 101
  • Hypocalcemia. Medicine Update- 2004, UP-API; 109 - 117.
  • Insulin and OHA: Days of coalition therapy. Diabetes Update- 2003, UPDA; 22 - 30.
  • Growth Retardation. Medicine Update- 2003, UP-API; 199 - 214.
  • Insulin Therapy in type-2 Diabetes Mellitus. Medicine Update- 2003, UP-API; 179 - 186.
  • Prevention of Diabetes: Entering the realm of possibility. Medicine Update- 1998; UP-API; 84 - 86.
  • Pregnancy and Diabetes. Medicine Update- 2001; UP-API; Eds. M Joshi and VP Tripathi, 215 - 220.
  • Endocrinal Hypertension – Current Status. Medicine Update- 2001; Ed. M Panja, 480 - 492.
  • Thyroid functions in ankylostomiasis. In: The Thyroid 1988, Excerpta Medica. S Nagataki, K Torizuka (eds.) Elsevier Sci. Publ. BV Amsterdam, 507 - 510.



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