Dr. Prof. Semih Ayan - Urology, Dr. Prof. Semih Ayan
Dr. Prof. Semih Ayan

Dr. Prof. Semih Ayan

Qualification - MD (Urology), Fellow of the European Board of Urology

Specialization - Urology & Uro-oncology

Department - Urology

Designation - Professor

Location - Istanbul ,Turkey

Hospital(s) -

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Career Profile

Prof. Dr. Semih Ayan is a leading urology specialist in Istanbul, Turkey with a vast clinical experience of over 29 years. He received post doctorate research fellow from the Department of Urology at Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital in Boston.His main area of clinical focus include complicated issue of paediatric and adult urology, and treatment of cancers of kidney, prostate and bladder. He has been involved in an extensive oncology program with major focus on robotic surgery of prostate and kidney cancer.

Dr. Ayan provides expert medical services including treatment of partial ureteral obstruction to the kidney, neonatal hydronephrosis, ureteropelvic junction obstruction, urine reflux to kidney, hypospadias and undescended testis.He is also considered an expert in treating urinary stone disease and has an experience of performing numerous endoscopic and percutaneous surgeries for kidney, ureter and bladder stones.

Prof. Dr. Semih Ayan is a recipient of United States Medical License and European Board of Urology Certificate. He is also a member of several reputed medical organizations including American Urology Association (AUA), European Association Urology (EAU) and Turkish Urologic Surgery and Urologic Oncology Society.

Education & Training

  • Urology Specialist Cumhuriyet University - 1997
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow of Child Urology - Harvard University - 1999 
  • Associate Professor of Urology - 2003 
  • Professor of Urology - 2009 
  • University of Chicago, Minimally Invasive Urological Oncology (Clinical Fellow) - 2015 


  • Cumhuriyet University School of Medicine, Professor Doctor
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow of Child Urology. Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital, Department of Urology, Boston, USA
  • Minimally Invasive Urological Oncology Clinic Fellowu, University of Chicago, Dept of Surgery, Section of Urology, Chicago, USA

Clinical Focus

Urological Procedures

Research and Publications

  • Ayan S, Yildirim S, Ucar C, Sarioglu Y, Gültekin EY, Butuner C. Corporal reactivity to adenosine and prostaglandin E1 in alloxan-induced diabetic rabbit corpus cavernosum and the effect of insulin therapy. BJU Int, 83: 108-12, 1999.
  • Yildirim S, Ayan S, Sarioglu Y, Gültekin EY, Butuner C. The effects of long-term oral administration of L-arginine on the erectile response of rabbits with alloxan-induced diabetes. BJU Int, 83: 679-85, 1999.
  • Ayan S, Kaloglu C, Gökce G, K?l?carslan H, Gültekin EY. Effect of insulin therapy to diabetic cystopathy: urodynamic and histological findings in a rabbit model. Sc J Urol Nephrol, 33: 392-5, 1999.
  • Yildirim S, Ayan S, Sarioglu Y, Gültekin Y, Uma S. Does diabetes mellitus affect the progress of tolerance to isosorbide dinitrate (ISDN) in corporal tissue? Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry, 4: 29- 34, 2000.
  • Ayan S, Sarioglu Y, Yildirim S, Gokce G, Bagc?van I. Relaxation induced by omeprazole does not change in diabetic rabbit corpus cavernosum. BJU Int, 87(3):265-8, 2001.
  • Ayan S, Gokce G, K?l?carslan H, Kaya K, Gultekin EY. An unusual cause of urinary incon tinence: urethral coitus. Sc J Urol Nephrol, 35:254, 2001.
  • Yildirim S, Simsek R, Ayan S, Gokce G, Sar?o?lu Y, Safak C. Relaxant effect of some benzothiazolinone dervatives on isolated rabbit corpus cavernosum. Urol Res, 29:182-5, 2001.


  • Urological Surgery Association
  • European Urology Association
  • Urooncology Association
  • American Urology Association
  • United States Medical License (USMLE) Certificate
  • European Urology Board Certificate




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