Dr. Pranay Girdhari Taori

Qualification - MD (Medicine), DM (Medical Oncology)

Specialization - Oncologist

Designation - Specialist Medical Oncology

Location - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hospital(s) - Zulekha Hospital Dubai

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Career Profile

Dr. Pranay Taori is a Specialist Medical Oncologist with an experience of over 18 years in the field of Cancer after having worked at reputed cancer institute's in India such as RST Regional Cancer Hospital Nagpur, Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai, Kidwai Memorial Institute of Medical Oncology Bangalore and Adyar Cancer Institute - Regional Cancer Centre Chennai.His expertise lies in the area of Chemotherapy in a solid tumor, Hematology-oncology, and Paediatric cancers. He is also trained in bone marrow transplant procedures at Adyar Cancer Hospital.

Clinical Focus

  • Gynae Oncology
  • Solid tumor
  • Hemato-oncology

Research and Publications

  • Presented papers in 2nd SAARC conference at Katmandu, Nepal (Award paper Extranadal lymphoma - An Indian Experience).
  • Associates of Maharashtra State Obstetric and Gynecological Society presented a talk on ovarian cancer. Presented papers on Young Multiple Myeloma in Asia Pacific Musculo Skeletal Tumor Society.
  • Poster presentation on Benign Thymic Hyperplasia, post chemotherapy in 15th Asia Pacific Cancer Conference in Chennai.
  • Poster presentation on Primary Extranodal Skin Lymphoma in Indian Society of Oncology and Indian Society of Pediatric Oncology.
  • EliLilly and Company (India) Pvt. Ltd. Study of protocol B9E-In-0094 at Adyar Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai.
  • Cancer Institute (WIA) participated in National CME on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia care to cure.
  • 12th National Conference "Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology" Presented paper on Primary GI lymphoma.
  • Presented paper on 1st degree Head and Neck Lymphoma in 2nd National meet of Foundation of Head and Neck Oncology Kolkata.
  • Delivered a talk on Carcinoma prostate in Maharashtra State Chapter of Association of Surgeons of India. Presented paper on Oncology in 2002 Extranodal lymphoma A single institutional study.
  • Second National meet of Foundation for Head and Neck Oncology paper presentation Extranodal Lymphoma of oral cavity and nasopharynx A rare entity.
  • Oncology in 2003 - Award paper presentation Primary Extranodal Head and Neck Lymphoma.



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Bone Marrow Transplant (also known as stem cell transplant) uses transplanted bone marrow and/or stem cells to replace the diseased bone marrow of the patient. Therefore, people that undergo this treatment usually have leukemia, lymphoma, or other similar conditions. The replacement bone marrow or stem cells can come either from the patient themselves (autologous transplantation) or from another donor (allogeneic transplantation). In order to transplant the new healthy cells, the old cells are first destroyed using chemotherapy; then, the new cells can be implanted.

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Thalassemia Transplant

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