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Best Abdominoplasty with Flankplasty Doctors in Istanbul

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About Abdominoplasty with Flankplasty

Abdominoplasty with Flankplasty is a cosmetic procedure that targets areas around the flanks, lower back, hips, and thighs. It is usually performed in combination with a butt lift surgery. The method involves removing fat through liposuction and repositioning the skin through an incision between the lower back and hips. It is widely popular among individuals suffering from saggy skin, cellulite, and other contouring issues around the lower body.

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    Dr. Necmettin Kutlu

    Plastic and cosmetic surgery | Professor of Medicine


    Istanbul, Turkey

    Prof. Necmettin Kutlu is an experienced plastic surgeon who is an expert in various kinds of cosmetic and reconstruction surgery procedures. He has completed his medical education and training from the top institutions from the country and abroad. This includes the institutions in the USA and Sweden. He has worked at premier healthcare facilities and has a vast experience of working in internationally renowned institutions. Dr. Kutlu is a member of various organizations and societies. 

    Clinical Focus

    Maxillofacial Surgery


    Hand and Wrist Surgery 

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