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    Dr. Hüseyin Çetinalp

    Hair transplantation | Vice Chief Medical Officer

    MD, MBA, and PhD

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Dr. Hüseyin Çetinalp is a highly experienced and qualified medical professional with specialization in Hair transplantation in Turkey along with hospital management and emergency medicine. 

    He has completed his medical education and further advanced studies from reputed intuitions. Dr. Hüseyin Çetinalp has many degrees to his credit including MD, MBA, and PhD. He is the Vice Chief of Medical Staff and International Patient Center Manager at Medicana Çamlıca Hospital, Istanbul. 

    Apart from being a trained and proficient doctor in the field of hair transplantation, Dr. Hüseyin Çetinalp has been actively involved in hospital management and medical tourism for Turkey. He has worked for the Health Ministry of Turkey and top hospitals of the country. 

    Clinical Focus

    Hair transplantation

    Emergency Medicine

    Hospital mangement

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