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Lumineers are a unique brand of veneers manufactured by the DenMat Dental laboratory. In comparison to traditional veneers, lumineers are thinner, cheaper, and have an easier application process. Lumineers are made up of ultra-thin laminate. As a result, they are a good option for patients who have less damaged or discolored teeth. With proper oral care and hygiene, lumineers can last as long as ten years and can be removed easily without causing any damage to the teeth.

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    Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov

    Orthodontist | Chief Doctor of Dental Unit


    Kiev, Ukraine

    Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov is an experienced and accomplished dental specialist who is currently working as an Orthodontist and the Chief Doctor for Dental Unit. He has completed his Ph.D. degree (Candidate of Medical Sciences) in the specialty Dentistry, with the topic - \"Individual-typological characteristics of body structure in different types of human occlusion\". He has published several scientific papers in his career of over 10 years. The results of the researches are protected by a patent for the utility model "Method of determining the optimal height of the inter-occlusal ratio of dental rows". Dr. Dmytro has made presentations at scientific conferences in Ukraine and abroad. He is also a member of the Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine. 

    Clinical Focus

    Istallation of fixed and removable dentures

    Pediatric dentistry (orthodontics)

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