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About Nasal Endoscopy

In nasal endoscopy, the surgeon uses a device known as an endoscope (tube with lens or camera) to view the inside of the nasal passages and sinus passages. This procedure is often done if the patient seems to have or seems to be developing problems with these areas. To perform this procedure, the doctor generally passes the endoscope through each nasal cavity three times to look at different anatomical parts. The doctor might use either a flexible endoscope or a rigid endoscope. He or she might also remove tissue for examination or surgically remove any small abnormal growths in the nasal passages and sinus passages.
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Dr. Prof. Özcan Özturk

Otorhinolaryngologist | Professor Head of the Department of Otorhinolary


Istanbul, Turkey

Prof. Özcan ÖZTÜRK is a highly qualified and skilled ENT specialist in Turkey who has a vast experience in the branch of Otorhinolaryngology. He is a renowned expert in Cochlear Implantation Surgery, having performed more than 170 Cochlear Implantations for simple to complex cases.

His keen interest also lies in otologic surgery, and he has performed several procedures including the stapes surgery, BAHA, middle ear implants and tympanomastoid surgeries. 

Prof. Özcan is a specialist in management of voice disorders and phonosurgery. In his rich clinical experiences, he has conducted procedures such as microlaryngeal surgery, vocal fold injections for medialization, botulinum toxin injection for spasmodic dysphonia and many others with excellent success record. 

After obtaining his medical education and specialization in Otorhinolaryngology from premier medical institutions of the country, Prof. Özcan Özturk has completed many advanced courses in the field of ENT surgeries and trained at several nationally and internationally renowned institutions, in England, Italy and Netherlands. 

Prof. Özcan has also been a visiting scholar for Otology & Skull Base Surgery at the Gruppo Otologico Piacenza at the University of Pittsburgh Voice Center.

Clinical Focus

Cochlear implant

Otological surgery

Voice disorders management


Düzce University Scientific Publications and Project Development Encouragement Award, Düzce, 2008

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