Best Rotator Cuff Surgery (Arthroscopic /Mini open) Surgeons in Ukraine, Top 10 Rotator Cuff Surgery (Arthroscopic /Mini open) Doctors in Ukraine

Best Rotator Cuff Surgery (Arthroscopic /Mini open) Doctors in Ukraine

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About Rotator Cuff Surgery (Arthroscopic /Mini open)

Rotator Cuff Repair is a surgical procedure used to repair a tendon in the shoulder. In this surgery, the patient is placed under general anesthesia. The doctor will then use different methods to reattach the torn tendon to its proper place. Methods include arthroscopic surgery, open surgery, and mini-open surgery.
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Dr. Yevhen Myroniuk

Orthopedic surgeon and Traumatologist | Consultant


Kiev, Ukraine

Dr. Myroniuk is a qualified and skilled orthopedist, traumatologist, and orthopedic surgeon. He has the highest qualifications in his field of specialization. His professional experience is of more than 7 years. Dr. Myroniuk is known for regularly participating in various seminars and conferences.

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