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About Urology

Urology is a medical specialty that deals with problems of the urinary bladder, ureters or urethra as well as cases of urological cancers. Some of the problems can be cured with the help of medicines while few may require surgery by a trained surgeon referred to as a urologist.

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Dr. Umut Gönülalan

Urologist | Professor of Medicine


Konya, Turkey

Dr. Umut Gönülalan is a renowned urologist who is currently the Professor of Medicine at the Medicana group of hospitals, one of Turkey\'s leading healthcare brand. He has completed his medical education from reputed medical institutions of the country. His is an expert in various types of urology procedures for prostate conditions, urology cancers and improvement of conditions causing functional urology problems.Professor Umut Gönülalan has worked at some top hospitals, including Şanlıurfa Suruç State Hospital and Medicana Hospital, Konya. 

Clinical Focus



Endourology and Functional Urology

Urodynamic studies and prostate biopsy techniques 

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Dr. Tolga Akman

Urologist | Professor of Medicine


Konya, Turkey

Dr. Tolga Akman is an experienced and skilled urology specialist who offers a range of services to male as well as female patients with urology problems. He has completed his medical studies from highly reputed medical institutions in Turkey. He has worked at a number of hospitals, including Medical Park Bahçelievler, Ethica Incirli Hospital and many more. Professor Tolga Akman\'s expertise lies in several kinds of treatments, such as penile enlargement, Peyronie\'s Disease and penis curvature surgery, and all types of urology cancers, including kidney cancer, prostate cancer and bladder cancer. He has published a number of scientific papers in the international and national journals. 

Clinical Focus

Penis Prosthesis 

Bladder Cancer 

Prostate Cancer 

Kidney Cancer (Radical, Partial Nephrectomy) 

Laparoscopic Urology 

Kidney stone Surgery for Urinary Incontinence in Women 

Hypospadias Surgery 

Pediatric Vesicoureteral 

Reflux Microsurgical 

Varicocele Surgery 

Penis Enlargement Surgery 

Peyronie\'s Disease and Penis Curvature Surgery 

Specific Procedures Penis Prosthesis Surgery 

Urooncology and Laparoscopic Surgery

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