Medical Park Samsun Hospital

Mimar Sinabmah. Alparslan Bulv. No:17 Atakum Samsun , Samsun, SS, Turkey
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Medical Park Samsun Hospital is a JCI accredited medical facility that is a reference centre for the region of Samsun and Black Sea. 

The hospital is the first main private emergency clinic in this area that focuses on basic to serious medical needs of each patient. To support this, there is a whole floor designated for Adult, Neonatal, and Coronary Intensive Care Units. 

The unparalleled services offered by VM Medical Park hospital with its emergency clinic has filled the gap in Samsun and its surrounding areas. The emergency clinic provides quality social insurance administration and has a trained specialist staff and other faculty to ensure smooth functioning every day.
In addition to this, the medical clinic also provides excellent services for Angiography and cardiovascular medical needs in Samsun and nearby territories. More than 250 angiographies and over 60 open-heart procedures are performed at Medical Park Samsun every month. 

The hospital offers tertiary medical care in a wide range of specialities, including ICUs, In-vitro Fertilization Unit and Dental Unit, with inpatient and outpatient care facilities. The patients can expect clinical excellence, high quality services and international standards of treatment in all medical and surgical specialization branches.

An experienced and skilled team of doctors across specialities, including nervous system specialists, neurologists and therapists for managing neurologic and mental illnesses. 

Medical Park Samsun Hospital has acquired high-end medical technology to ensure efficient and effective health services to all the patients. This includes diagnostic and imaging set-ups such as an angiography lab, along with units for nervous system science, radiology, and nuclear medicine. 

The hospital also has specialized units for endoscopic finding and treatment, including 8 working performance centres equipped with the latest medical instruments and technology for cardiovascular procedure. 

Infrastructure and facilities 

  • Medical Park Samsun Hospital has high-tech inpatient rooms outfitted with facilities such as a nurse direct call system, controllable patient bed, computer access system, and Blue Code Call systems, to ensure complete safety and comfort of patients. 
  • A single storey area at the hospital is reserved for Adult, Newborn and Coronary ICUs. It is the first and the only hospital of the Samsun region that provides such serves.
  • Medical Park Samsun Hospital is an international standard administration that offers exceptional medicinal services. It has complexes such as an Oncology Unit, equipped with the most advances technology for diagnosis, management and treatment of various kinds of malignancies. It includes straight quickening agent and PET-CT scan systems.

At A Glance

  • Languages spoken : Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Swedish , Turkish


Medical Park Samsun Hospital performs 298 different procedures. Click on a procedure name to see more details and to view doctors for that specialty.



Ear Nose & Throat

General Medicine

General Surgery


Obstetrics & Gynecology




Pediatric Cardiology


Radiation Therapy


Reproductive medicine

Spinal Surgery

Vascular surgery



  • 24 Hr Pharmacy
  • Airport Pick-n-Drop
  • Ambulance Services
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • ATM
  • Blood Bank
  • Business Centre
  • Cafe
  • Car Hire
  • Car Parking
  • Document Legalisation
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Emergency & Trauma Centre
  • Family Accommodation
  • Fitness Centre
  • Flight Booking
  • Foreign Exchange Services
  • Free Wifi
  • Health Insurance Coordination
  • Hotel Booking
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • International Cuisines
  • International Executives
  • International Patients Lounge
  • Internet Access
  • Interpreter Services
  • Laundry
  • Local Tourism Options
  • Medical Records Transfer
  • Medical Travel Insurance
  • Mobility Accessible Rooms
  • Nursery / Nanny Services
  • Online Doctor Consultation
  • Online report facility
  • Pathology Lab
  • Personal Concierge
  • Private Rooms
  • Private Telephone
  • Radiology Lab
  • Recliner Lounge
  • Rehabilitation
  • Religious Facilities
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping Trip Organisation
  • Special Dietary Requests
  • Stem Cell bank
  • Telemedicine
  • Translation services
  • Travel Booking assistance
  • Treatment packages
  • TV in room
  • Valet Parking
  • Virtual ICU visit
  • Visa / Travel office
  • Welcome Package


Communication responsiveness
Environment, Cleanliness, Amenities
Hospital Stay/Room comfort
Staff Professionalism & Friendliness
International Patient Services
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Communication responsiveness

Environment, Cleanliness, Amenities

Hospital Stay/Room comfort

Staff Professionalism & Friendliness

International Patient Services




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Medical Park Hospitals are globally recognized for their services and quality of care. The Samsun hospital receives international patients from all parts of the world and has a dedicated team at the International Services Department to provide assistance at every step of the process. The coordinators will help the patient throughout the journey, from planning travel and booking appointments and accommodations and all the services needed after arrival in the country.

The hospital is open 24X7. The team at the International Department works round the clock 7 days a week.

It may vary depending on the doctor and the type of condition you are consulting for. To know more, feel free to contact us at

The hospital accepts various modes of payment including cash, cards - credit as well as a debit (domestic and international). They are also affiliated with many insurance companies. Lyfboat offers assistance to the patients during the hospital stay and helps with payments and other formalities.

Medical Park Samsun Hospital has a smart building technology for advanced health services as it is an important reference center for Samsun and Black Sea Region. The clinical excellence, quality of patient care service and international standards are maintained in all internal and surgical specialization branches. There are a number of ICUs, In-vitro Fertilization Unit and the Dental Unit. It is the first and the only hospital in the region serving Adult, Newborn and Coronary ICUs.

The patient rooms have a nurse direct call system, computer access system, controllable patient bed and Blue Code Call systems for the comfort of patients.

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