Aseel Medical Care Hospital

9 El Kamar District, El Hadaba, Hurghada, 84511 , Hurghada, BA, Egypt
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Aseel Medical Care Hospital, established in 2010, was the first specialized orthopedic surgery center in the Red Sea area of the Egypt. The hospital was designed to cover all specialties of Orthopedic Surgery and provide the most advanced level of care to the patient. Aseel medical center (AMC) expanded to accommodate a wider range of specialties in its new building and now offer comprehensive medical services across major medical branches. Aseel Medical Care Hospital was further established as a 24/7 emergency hospital and continue to provide patients critical and emergency care services. 

With its 24-hour emergency casualty Department, the patient can expect expedited services and care in real time. The hospital works with various insurance companies on a global scare. Aseel Medical Care Hospital is associated with many large names in the healthcare and insurance sector and is known for its excellent service worldwide. 

Aseel Medical Care Hospital has a well-trained reception and nursing staff who work with highly qualified medical professional with a vast clinical experience. The team ensure a complete and personalized care to each patient, for minor or major surgeries. 

The patients receive one-on-one nursing care before and after undergoing the procedure. They make sure that the patients as well as their companion has a comfortable stay at the hospital and help with post-surgery instructions and follow-up care.


Infrastructure and facilities

  • AMC has 24 beds in inpatient department, with various room categories - 5 double rooms, 1 single room and 1 triple room. There are 4 emergency unit beds along with 6 ICU unit beds equipped with the most modern instruments. The rooms have comfortable space with air-condition, nurse calling system, privet toilets, television, USP connectors and Wifi.
  • The Intensive care unit at AMC is equipped with advanced equipments and the latest technology for patient services and medical care. A team of specialized trained ICU doctors and supervised by university professors ensure expert care and necessary attention for a special treatment for emergency cases. 
  • AMC has two operating theaters which enables surgical services for various specialties, ranging from general, neurological, cardiac surgery to plastic and pediatric surgeries. The operational theaters are inline with the health and safety standers with antibacterial coated walls and antistatic floors.
  • The emergency unit at AMC has a specialized team of doctors and nurses who manage all cases ranging from minor outpatient to major inpatient treatment including emergency operations. 
  • AMC has a 24-hour Cardiac Catheter Laboratory that provides service for Acute Myocardial Infarcts through both Emergency and direct ambulance admission. The medical team work with experts for the Coronary Care, Cardiac Step Down, Cardiology Day Procedure and Intensive Care Units. The services offered by Cardiac Cath Lab include Diagnostic angiography, Percutaneous coronary intervention (Stenting) including radial PCI and Permanent pacemaker implantation.

At A Glance

  • Languages spoken : English
  • Established in 2010
  • Total of 24 beds
  • Patient base is 1054
  • 3562 surgeries conducted since inception

Awards and recognition

  • Temos Accreditation: Aseel Medical Care Hospital in Hurghada, Egypt accredited for its "Quality in International Patient Care"


Aseel Medical Care Hospital performs 383 different procedures. Click on a procedure name to see more details and to view doctors for that specialty.


Colorectal medicine


Ear Nose & Throat



General Medicine

General Surgery


Maxillofacial Surgery




Obstetrics & Gynecology



Pediatric Cardiology

Plastic Surgery



Reproductive medicine

Spinal Surgery


Vascular surgery



  • 24 Hr Pharmacy
  • Airport Pick-n-Drop
  • Ambulance Services
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • ATM
  • Blood Bank
  • Business Centre
  • Cafe
  • Car Hire
  • Car Parking
  • Document Legalisation
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Emergency & Trauma Centre
  • Family Accommodation
  • Fitness Centre
  • Flight Booking
  • Foreign Exchange Services
  • Free Wifi
  • Health Insurance Coordination
  • Hotel Booking
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • International Cuisines
  • International Executives
  • International Patients Lounge
  • Internet Access
  • Interpreter Services
  • Laundry
  • Local Tourism Options
  • Medical Records Transfer
  • Medical Travel Insurance
  • Mobility Accessible Rooms
  • Nursery / Nanny Services
  • Online Doctor Consultation
  • Online report facility
  • Pathology Lab
  • Personal Concierge
  • Private Rooms
  • Private Telephone
  • Radiology Lab
  • Recliner Lounge
  • Rehabilitation
  • Religious Facilities
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping Trip Organisation
  • Special Dietary Requests
  • Stem Cell bank
  • Telemedicine
  • Translation services
  • Travel Booking assistance
  • Treatment packages
  • TV in room
  • Valet Parking
  • Virtual ICU visit
  • Visa / Travel office
  • Welcome Package


Communication responsiveness
Environment, Cleanliness, Amenities
Hospital Stay/Room comfort
Staff Professionalism & Friendliness
International Patient Services
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Communication responsiveness

Environment, Cleanliness, Amenities

Hospital Stay/Room comfort

Staff Professionalism & Friendliness

International Patient Services




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