Best Angioplasty Hospitals in Giza

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Best Angioplasty Hospitals in Giza

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Patient Reviews for Best Angioplasty Hospitals in Giza

Runako for Columbia Asia Yeshwantpur
Angioplasty  -   -  4.2 / 5

Great hospital , my mom had angioplasty surgery , the doctors were amazing they took very good care for her.

Carolyn Lucas for Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket
Angioplasty  -   -  4.8 / 5

Great Experience, I wish all the doctors and clinics work the way you do. Always responsive and willing to extend a helping hand.

Obida Aliahb for Global Hospital Mumbai
Angioplasty  -   -  4.4 / 5

Good hospital. Only problem was that the service was slow and we had to wait for a while.

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