Best Bentall Procedure Hospitals in Egypt

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Best Bentall Procedure Hospitals in Egypt

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Patient Reviews for Best Bentall Procedure Hospitals in Egypt

Ameka Rebala for Venkateshwar Hospital
Bentall Procedure  -   -  4 / 5

Venkateshwar hospital is a good medical facility overall, but I was somewhat less satisfied with their management. I feel the waiting period is long at times.

Seaul Abial for Manipal Hospital, Dwarka
Bentall Procedure  -   -  4.2 / 5

A wonderful hospital with great nursing staff and team of doctors.

Teresua Kulayn for Medanta The Medicity
Bentall Procedure  -   -  4.2 / 5

I had surgery for Bentall procedure at Medanta. It was a major surgery and I was scared. But the surgeon was so experienced and knowledgeable. He addressed all my concerns and discussed my medical history in detail. Before selecting Medanta, I researched about many hospitals in India and talked with different representatives. In the end, it was Medanta I could trust for the surgery as they have an excellent team of heart surgeons.

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