Best Cardiology Hospitals in Gurgaon

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Best Cardiology Hospitals in Gurgaon

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Patient Reviews for Best Cardiology Hospitals in Gurgaon

Tabby Guada for Artemis Hospital
Cardiology  -   -  4.6 / 5

Hi. It was my first visit to India. I got treated for Aortic aneurysm repair at Artemis Hospital in Delhi and it was a very nice experience. Right from my arrival at the reception to the warm welcome I received, plus the accommodation arrangements and the doctors - everything was great.

Sumail Azeba for Narayana Superspeciality Hospital
Cardiology  -   -  4 / 5

Wonderful hospital. The doctors are very open and nice as they explain to you about the treatment plan. The nurses and housekeeping staff were also very nice.

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