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About Chemotherapy

Under normal condition your body replaces millions of dead cells every day and this is a delicate mechanism. Under certain conditions the process of cell division becomes unregulated and there is uncontrolled growth of cells. The condition of unregulated cell devision is called cancer. chemotherapy is a combination of various drugs along with other supportive methods to eliminate the abnormal cells from your body. The drugs are divided into various categories depending upon their chemical structure and soure of origin. Your oncologist will decide upon the best treatment for you after assessing the type of cancer the body has developed.

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Average Chemotherapy Cost

IndiaStarting from $900
TurkeyStarting from $1250
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      Gleneagles Medini is a world-class multi-specilaty tertiary care providers in Malaysia, built with state-of-the-art infrastructure and offering excellent outpatient, impatient service along with Emergency care service. The 300 bedded hospital is facilitated with top-notch technology and high-tech equipment which enables the specialists to offer advanced procedures with reliable clinical outcomes. The highly skilled and experienced medical professionals along with a substantially trained support staff at Gleneagles Medini ensure that the patients receive immediate and excellent clinical care.

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