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Best Chemotherapy Hospitals

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Ibiza Raza for Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket
Chemotherapy  -   -  4.2 / 5

Max Hospital is a great hospital. All the facilities and services at the hospitals are good and the environment is patient friendly. The staff is also very nice and responsive.

Md. Khalil Ibrahim for Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Chemotherapy  -   -  4 / 5

My doctor is wonderful, the nurses I had in chemo were great and so caring. I feel taken care of and very satisfied with all my care here.But I didn't like the hospital OPD for follow up, too noisy at times and long queues for billing

Ateoullah Amhak for Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket
Chemotherapy  -   -  4.4 / 5

Max Hospital is a very good hospital. They were very responsive and helpful throughout my treatment. The International Patient services were excellent - transportation, communication, and also the guest they arranged was excellent.

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