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About Decortication of Vocal Cords

Decortication of the vocal cords is used to treat a condition call Reinke's Edema. In Reinke's edema, the vocal cords swell past their normal size and/or develop polyps, which affects the patient's voice quality. Decortication of the vocal cords involves removing layers of the vocal cords to improve the condition and restore the original voice as much as possible.
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    Medicana Bursa Hospital is one of the premier hospitals of Turkey’s leading healthcare group, Medicana Hospitals, that brings quality medical care to the patients from Turkey and abroad. The hospital is built across 40,000 sq. meters and has a capacity of 300 beds including 100 intensive care beds and 200 single rooms for recovery and post-operative comfort. It works on patient-oriented approach to offer all kinds of medical services across multiple sub and super specialities in the field of medicine, including medical branches of organ transplantation, cardiac surgery, advanced cancer care, radiation oncology, weigh-loss surgery and many more.

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