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About Decortication of Vocal Cords

Decortication of the vocal cords is used to treat a condition call Reinke's Edema. In Reinke's edema, the vocal cords swell past their normal size and/or develop polyps, which affects the patient's voice quality. Decortication of the vocal cords involves removing layers of the vocal cords to improve the condition and restore the original voice as much as possible.
  • Reinke's Edema Treatment
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Dar Al Fouad Hospital is a renowned and accredited medical facility in Egypt with a capacity of 141 beds and has an infrastructure built up to international standards. The hospital offers trustworthy clinical care and healthcare services in outpatient and inpatient facilities to patients from and outside Egypt. Dar Al Fouad Hospital has a collaboration agreement with Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) and also with Hartmann Institute, which allows knowledge transfer and accessibility between the institutions. The hospital houses expert medical professionals and competent support staff, trained in advanced procedures and skilled in handling high-tech instruments.

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Best Decortication of Vocal Cords Hospitals in Egypt

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