Best Hip Replacement Hospitals

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Best Hip Replacement Hospitals

4.2 average based on 129 reviews.

Patient Reviews for Best Hip Replacement Hospitals

Johnathan Carr for Artemis Hospital
Hip Replacement  -   -  4.2 / 5

My bilateral Hip replacement was a success. Thank you Dr. IPS Gill. I recommend this hospital to all

Mahde Fawze for Zulekha Hospital Dubai
Hip Replacement  -   -  3.8 / 5

Everyone was very nice, and it is nice to be treated well. Caring, smiling and laughing is good atmosphere for patients. I was very well taken care of.

Fariduddin Khan for Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket
Hip Replacement  -   -  4.2 / 5

I have no complaints about the care I received from Dr. Ashok Rajgopal. I found him informative, professional and very patient. My overall experience has been excellent.

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