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Lungs are in a pair and are situated above diaphragm in the thoracic cavity. They are a crucial organ as they help oxygen bind chemically to our red blood cells and thus facilitate its transportation to the body. Our lungs have specially designed air sacs called alveoli, they help in exchange of gases. When alveoli of the lungs get damaged the oxygen carrying capacity of lungs decreases. There are number of reasons that can lead to damage of alveoli of the lungs, cancer is one of them. Cancer leads to uncontrolled damage at cellular level to the lung tissue and thus affects the oxygenation of blood. This leads to development of more pressure on heart and kidneys. Lung cancer can be categorized into various stages and thus is curable if detected early. Some of the signs of cancer or infection in lungs include breathlessness, fatigue, disturbed blood pressure levels, discomfort in chest cavity etc.

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IndiaStarting from $2800
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 
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    ParkCity Medical Centre, established by the Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care Group, is multi-disciplinary hospital offering primary to tertiary healthcare services to a multitude of patients every year. Considered a pioneer at family-focused clinical care, this hospital has one of the best Child Development Centre in the region, operating under the expert guidance of a team of finest doctors for children. The hospital boasts not just of its first-rate infrastructure and exception medical care but also of the soothing natural environment which enhances the patient’s experience and stimulates better recovery.


    • Malaysia’s only two-time winner of Prime Minister’s Quality Award (private sector category) in 1993 and 2003
    • Institute of Quality Malaysia Quality Excellence Award 2000
    • International Asia Pacific Quality Award (Outstanding Achievement for Large Service)
    • Brand Laureate Award for Best Brands in Healthcare – Hospitals (Asia Pacific region) – 2008-2009
    • Malaysia Branded Service Champion Award (Category: Hospital) - 2019
    • Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Award - 2011
    • Frost and Sullivan Excellence in EMR Implementation Award - 2013
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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 
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    Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur is a leading international tertiary care providing hospital, established in 1996, and accredited and awarded by national as well as international organizations. The 370-bedded hospital has high-tech infrastructure with modern technology based facilities, making it one of the advanced healthcare service provides in Malaysia. The hospital offers high standard of quality clinical care, maintained by highly trained medical staff including support staff and a multi-disciplinary team of accomplished doctors backed by training from reputed institution.


    • Global Brands Magazine Awards 2016 – Most Innovative Health Care Brand 2016, Malaysia
    • 2016 – Elite Member of Malaysia Healthcare Tourism Council
    • CHT Pursuit of Excellence Award 2016 – Medical
    • HR Vendors of The Years 2015 – Silver Award for Best Corporate Healthcare Provider
    • Brand Excellence in Healthcare – Hospital - 2015
    • The Brandlaureate Special Edition World Awards – Brand Excellence in Healthcare – Hospital – 2015
    • IMTJ Medical Travel Award : Excellence in Customer Service in 2015
    • IMTJ Medical Travel Award in 2015
    • The Best of Malaysia Service to Care Champion 2012
    • The Most Trusted Brand Award by Reader’s Digest in 2011
    • Malaysian Service to Care Champion 2011
    • Malaysian Branded Service Champion, Hospital Category in 2009
    • Health Industry Recognition Award, by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia in 2007
    • Asian Hospital Management Award (marketing, public relations, or promotional project category) in 2007
    • Reader’s Digest as the Most Trusted Brand Award (hospital category) in 2007
    • Asia Spa Wellness Awards for Technology Business Review (holistic patient care category) and Best Hospital in 2006
    • Won IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2018 for: International Hospital of The Year; Excellence in Customer Service – Highly Commended and Best Marketing Initiative
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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 
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    Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur is a multi-specialty hospital in Malaysia, and is amongst the renowned hospitals of Parkway Pantai Limited (Pantai Group). It is a 331-bed hospital with first-rate outpatient, inpatient and critical care facilities among all the important specialties including cancer care, In-vitro fertilization, Pediatrics, renal medicine (Hemodialysis) and Emergency department. The hospital, along with top-notch infrastructure and cutting edge technology, has over 200 medical specialists who are highly trained and experienced in their field of expertise. The first private hospital in Malaysia’s southern region to be equipped with Elekta Synergy - IMRT (VMAT) Linear Accelerator (LINAC).

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