Pulmonary Rehablitation Cost in South Korea & Best Hospitals for Pulmonary Rehablitation in South Korea

Best Pulmonary Rehablitation Hospitals and Cost in South Korea

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  • Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine
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    Asan Medical Center is one of the largest and most preferred hospitals in South Korea by patients from all over the world. The gross floor area of the hospital spans 524,700m² and 2,715 beds. AMC has 11,680 outpatients, 2,427 inpatients and 256 emergency patients every day on average. Every year, 66,838 sophisticated surgeries are performed by the experts at the hospital. Asan Medical Center was established in 1989 and has achieved the reputation of world-class medical centre since then. It continues to grow and invest diligently in R&D and advanced clinical treatment.
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