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About Stent Insertion

Stent insertion into arteries is used to improve blood flow in the patient. In this procedure, the doctor uses a catheter to place a deflated balloon into a weakened or obstructed part of the artery. Inflating the balloon helps reduce or remove the blockage. The, the stent, a small mesh metal tube, is inserted to help keep the artery open. The stent is kept in place, and the balloon and catheter are removed.Read More about Stent Insertion
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      Gleneagles Medini is a world-class multi-specilaty tertiary care providers in Malaysia, built with state-of-the-art infrastructure and offering excellent outpatient, impatient service along with Emergency care service. The 300 bedded hospital is facilitated with top-notch technology and high-tech equipment which enables the specialists to offer advanced procedures with reliable clinical outcomes. The highly skilled and experienced medical professionals along with a substantially trained support staff at Gleneagles Medini ensure that the patients receive immediate and excellent clinical care.

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