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About Ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction

Ureteropelvic junction obstruction is a condition where blockage occurs at a point where the ureter attaches to the kidney. This leads to decrease of flow of urine down the ureter and thus increases the fluid pressure inside kidney. Higher pressure inside kidney leads to deterioration of kidney function. The obstruction can be either congenital (the patient is born with it) or can be develops because of age related or body shape issues. Your doctor will suggest the best treatment plan for your depending upon your health and medical history.

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      Medicana Konya Hospital is one of the largest tertiary care medical centres in Turkey that offers advanced health care services across multiple specialties. A nationally and internationally renowned hospital, Medicana Konya has a capacity of 201 beds including various intensive care units and observation (recovery) rooms. The hospital offers a complete range of services with all advanced medical facilities with an international standard of infrastructure and a comprehensive healthcare staff. With its high quality of clinical services and efficient patient care, the centre is popular amongst patients from different parts of the world, especially European countries.

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      Dr. Tolga Akman

      Professor of Medicine

      Dr. Umut Gönülalan

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