Spain: A country with the Highest IVF Success Rates Around The World


According to the data presented by ESHRE, Spain constitutes 40% of the ART procedures carried out in entire Europe.

It’s quite obvious to ask why?

Patients often travel to other countries seeking IVF treatment considering three factors: Cost, quality, and availability. And what’s better than your medical trip combined with plenty of sand & sun. 

Besides serving as a great holiday destination, Spain is widely popular for its high IVF success rates. The European country is competing with big names in the west to get on the top of the list of the best countries for getting an IVF treatment. Moreover, the laws and regulations concerning IVF in Spain are extremely flexible, providing patients with many treatment options to choose from.

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Why is Spain becoming the top European destination for IVF?

Many factors contribute to the large influx of international patients to Spain seeking a chance to become a parent. Some of these include:

1. Low-cost treatment

The cost of IVF treatment in Spain can vary from one clinic to the other. These costs can also fluctuate depending on the type of fertility treatment a patient would be required to undergo. For instance, a natural cycle treatment in Spain would cost much less than a procedure that needs egg donation.

However, even after adding up the costs of other expenses like medication, travel, accommodation, and tests, IVF treatment in Spain is a budget-friendly option. 

2. Flexible laws 

Relaxed and patient-friendly IVF laws are the most sought-after reason for patients to land in this Mediterranean country. Spain welcomes patients to avail IVF treatment in the country, irrespective of their marital status or sexual orientation. Except for surrogacy, a patient is eligible for all types of IVF procedures.

The country legalizes egg & sperm donation and methods like ROPA techniques that help same-sex couples and singles to embrace parenthood. 

3. Reliable healthcare system

Fertility hospitals in Spain believe in constant innovation and commitment towards new technology, helping them secure high IVF success rates. Boasting unfaltering infrastructure, the latest medical equipment, and advancements in the treatment approach, these healthcare facilities offer unmatchable treatment in terms of quality as well as care. 

4. Leading fertility professionals

Another factor contributing to the growing popularity of Spain in the world is the reputation of its fertility specialists. With years of experience, skill, and knowledge under their belt, doctors in Spain handle each case with a sympathetic and caring attitude.

Moreover, the top fertility specialists in Spain have trained and worked in some of the most prestigious institutions in the west. Actively engaged in research and innovation, they are continuously working towards better alternatives to standard IVF procedures that deliver better results at a lesser cost. 

5. Mini-vacation

Spain is home to many natural, cultural, and historical sites that are a treat to your eyes. Often patients are tempted to choose Spain as their ultimate destination as they can have a small vacation along with undergoing medical treatment. The scenic beauty and exquisite locations help patients to feel relaxed and stress-free, which is extremely important for success in IVF procedures. 

6. High success rates

Many clinics and hospitals in Spain submit their data to an independent research body, the Spanish Fertility Society (SFS), that audits the overall success rates of different IVF procedures. Generally, women younger than 35 years of age have a 40% chance of conception post IVF.

This percentage continues to drop as the age of the female patient increases. However, with the help of advanced technology and top fertility specialists, clinics and hospitals in Spain promise better success rates. 

Additionally, the country has a pool of egg and sperm donors at hand, helping patients to have a greater chance at a successful pregnancy. 

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Types of fertility treatments available in Spain

Natural Cycle treatment 

  • As the name suggests, this type of fertility treatment is tailored according to a female’s natural menstrual cycle. 
  • As the ovules mature and are released, they are collected and fertilized with the partner or donor sperm. 
  • Occasionally, some ovarian stimulation may be required, depending on the patient’s condition. In this case, the mature ovules are collected via ovarian puncture. 
  • The average success rate of natural cycle treatment in Spain is 40%. 

In-Vitro Fertilization

  • IVF is the most popular fertility treatment among patients as well as doctors. 
  • This technique involves ovarian stimulation to facilitate the release of mature ovules. The mature ovules are collected by the ovarian puncture method. 
  • Similar to the natural cycle treatment, the egg obtained in this method is fused with the donor or partner sperm in suitable lab conditions. 
  • The fertilized egg is left to develop until a certain stage (embryo) and implanted back into the female uterus. 
  • The average success rate of IVF treatment in Spain is 60%. 

Egg Donation 

  • Egg donation is another popular fertility treatment in Spain. This allows the in-vitro donation of eggs from an anonymous donor. 
  • Egg donation is completely legal in Spain and promotes the greatest possible physical similarity between the recipient and donor. 
  • Fertility hospitals and clinics in Spain follow extensive protocols to select suitable donors for every patient. 
  • The average success rate of fertility treatment through egg donation in Spain is 75 to 80%. 


  • ROPA, often abbreviated for ‘Reception of oocytes from a partner,’ is a technique used by female same sex-couples/lesbians. 
  • ROPA method is known by many names, including Partner IVF, Co-IVF, and shared motherhood. It was legalized by the government in 2007, giving everyone an equal chance at ART techniques. 
  • This method involves taking a mature egg from one female partner, fertilizing it with anonymous donor sperm, and implanting it into the uterus of the second female partner. 
  • This way, both female partners can have an active role in their journey towards parenthood. 
  • The average success rate of the ROPA method in Spain is 60%.

Fertility preservation

  • Preserving one’s fertility gives women to have more freedom in making important decisions like starting a family. 
  • This method involves vitrification or freezing of eggs when female patients are young. Therefore, when they enter their 40s or 50s, they can have a successful pregnancy. 
  • The average survival rate of oocytes in fertility preservation is 90%.

Artificial Insemination 

  • Artificial insemination is a simple, minimally-invasive technique that involves the deposition of sperms treated in the laboratory. 
  • This process is undertaken when the female patient is ovulating. Artificial insemination orchestrates a meeting between an egg and a sperm so that the chances of fertilization are high.
  • The average success rate of artificial insemination in Spain is 10 to 20%. 

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