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Gastric Band Surgery is used to treat obesity with gastric bands. It is a specific kind of weight-loss surgery. Restricting the stomach, causes a person to feel satisfied with less food than usual.

During laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery, a small device (a silicone ring) called a gastric band is wrapped around the stomach.

The stomach is divided into two sections by the band. The small pouch in the upper stomach reduces the stomach’s capacity and heightens the feeling of fullness, which aids in weight loss.

The band needs to be adjusted following implantation (usually a few times before the suitable size is reached). The adjustment process takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

Through the tiny access port just beneath the skin, a doctor can add or subtract fluid from the band. Six weeks after one surgery abroad, the gastric band typically receives its first adjustment.


  • The best candidates are significantly overweight and between the ages of 18 and 60. (BMI 35 or higher).
  • If a patient’s obesity is linked to other health problems, their BMI between 30 and 35 will also be taken into consideration.
  • Based on a medical questionnaire, patients are initially qualified.
  • Additional medical tests are run after the arrival of the patient (blood tests, ECG, chest X-ray). Additionally, our surgeon and an anesthetist will meet with one in person for a consultation.

Gastric Band Procedure Abroad

  • One of the least invasive weight-loss procedures is adjustable gastric banding. As the upper portion of the stomach is wrapped with an implant, a soft silicone ring with an expandable balloon, the person only consumes enough food to fill the top third of their stomach.
  • By using the port, the surgeon gives the band a saline injection to inflate it. The degree of stomach constriction can be changed with adjustments. The band elevates a small stomach pouch, leaving the rest of the stomach below.
  • Following a meal, the food gradually passes through the band’s opening and into the remaining stomach, where normal digestion takes place. It becomes easier to curb the appetite and feel fuller much faster this way.
  • Essentially, a gastric band is a minimally invasive procedure that causes weight loss when dieting or exercise are ineffective.
  • A group of skilled surgeons performs it while under general anesthesia.
  • Under general anesthesia, gastric band surgery usually takes one to two hours to complete.

An adjustable silicone band is wrapped around the upper portion of the stomach by the surgeon using laparoscopy or keyhole surgery, both of which involve making small cuts in the abdomen.

The stomach is compressed by the silicone band into a pouch with an outlet that is about an inch wide. Only about an ounce of food can be stored in the stomach after banding.

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Laparoscopic Gastric Banding Abroad

  • Laparoscopic gastric banding has the following benefits
  • The potential for obese people to lose weight permanently
  • Comparatively quick recovery
  • Less likelihood of hernias and wound infections following surgery and a decreased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, urinary incontinence, and other conditions linked to being overweight
  • Nutrient absorption is not diminished
  • After surgery, improved quality of life is common.

Additionally, the band can be removed or modified. Because it is adjustable, it can be tightened or loosened, for instance, if not enough weight is lost or if vomiting occurs after eating.

Laparoscopic Gastric Band Removal Abroad

  • Fortunately, there are options for switching to another weight-loss treatment to maintain and improve long-term weight loss and health issues, and removal of the gastric band is a relatively simple procedure abroad.
  • It is likely that the surgical removal treatment can be done laparoscopically if the initial gastric band surgery was done that way (using 5 or 6 small incisions in the abdomen).
  • It is possible to have gastric band removal surgery performed overseas, where costs will be lower and there won’t be a long NHS waiting list. Money can be saved by having a gastric bypass abroad because the cost of care there is typically lower than in the UK.

Effects of a Gastric Band Abroad

  • If the procedure is successful, one should experience long-lasting weight loss. This, however, heavily depends on one’s capacity to adapt to the new way of life.
  • Any obesity-related health issues individuals may be experiencing, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, and type 2 diabetes, should be improved by long-term weight loss.

Reasons for Considering Gastric Band Treatment Abroad

For a variety of reasons, patients have gastric bands fitted abroad. Most notable are:

  • Bariatric surgery waiting lists are non-existent or extremely short.
  • The surgeons provide individualized care.
  • Referrals from former clients, friends, or family
  • Affordable prices for high-caliber services
  • Refunds may be available from one local health board.

The Safety Factor- for Opting for the Operation Overseas

Although organizing a gastric band procedure outside of one’s home country may seem difficult, it is actually very simple. Simply select the nation and look for the hospital or surgeon that earns the trust.

Treatment abroad is made even safer and simpler by Lyfboat. Lyfboat offers the best medical touristic packages that include the hotel, transfers, or other amenities.

Consequently, one gets very affordable treatment whenever one wants without having to wait on a waiting list thanks to gastric band abroad. Consider getting a weight loss procedure abroad if one feels ready to transform one’s life, improve health, and shed dozens of extra kilograms!

The risks of having surgery abroad are similar to those of having it at home. Because of this, it is advised consistently perform the following checks:

  • The credentials of the surgeons. Before traveling abroad, ideally, request an online consultation to meet with the surgeon.
  • What previous clients have to say regarding the facility and their experience
  • If one has insurance
  • Never make a choice solely based on the cost.
  • Ensure that the clinic adheres to the strictest international standards for healthcare.
  • Verify the security and stability of the environment in the nation that’s circled out.

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The Process of Getting the Gastric Band Surgery Abroad

The procedure is customized as per the needs and preferences. The process is broken down into a few main steps. Here is what to anticipate:

1. Final discussion with an expert

Patients get to meet the specialist in person for a consultation when they get to the clinic. It is required to tell the surgeon about the medical history, any allergies, and any medications one is taking at this time. The best course of action for one condition will be discussed by the surgeon along with the treatment plan.

2. Check-up before the operation

One must undergo some medical tests after giving the surgeon a copy of the medical history. After that, one will talk about the process in detail.

3. Anesthesia stage

Different patients require different anesthesia planning stages for gastric band surgery. The anesthesia used during gastric band surgery takes into account the psychological effects of obesity.

In addition, the pre-anesthetic strategy depends on the anticipated procedure’s nature and its recovery after anesthesia and surgery.

4. In the operating room

Keyhole incisions are used to perform the minimally invasive procedure. Between one and five small surgical incisions are made by the surgeon in the abdomen. A laparoscope, a long, narrow tube with a camera, is used during surgery.

Cost of Gastric Band Abroad

Gastric band weight loss surgery starts at 6500 USD in India (on average, it costs 10,000 GBP in UK), making it out of reach for many people who are in need.

Prices for gastric band surgery abroad are significantly lower in some developing countries like Thailand, Turkey, etc. even when the operating standards are at par with the leading international standards.

The cost usually covers the cost of the band, general anesthesia, a consultation with a surgeon and an anesthetist, one night in the hospital following surgery, and a follow-up examination.

Gastric Band Side Effects & Risks

Like any other surgical procedure, gastric band side effects include:

  • Acid reflux
  • Anesthesia-related risks
  • Chronic nausea and vomiting
  • Dilation of esophagus
  • Inability to eat certain foods
  • Infection
  • Obstruction of stomach
  • Weight gain or failure to lose weight

The Recovery Time for Gastric Band Surgery

  • The first night in the hospital following surgery will be spent under medical supervision so that the recovery can be tracked. The first few weeks are then spent on a strict liquid diet, followed by a gradual transition to soft foods like puree before returning to solid food.
  • The doctor advises following the dietitian about making lifestyle changes to meet weight loss objectives. The diet plan will outline recommended food intake in addition to an exercise schedule.
  • A follow-up appointment is required to have the band adjusted. In the first year, the gastric band is frequently adjusted 4 to 6 times. After two weeks, one starts to recover and resume daily activities.

Success Rate for Gastric Bands

In general, within the first two years after gastric band surgery, individuals can anticipate losing 50% of their body weight.

This type of bariatric procedure has the benefit of allowing normal digestion to occur without the risk of malabsorption.

Things to anticipate following gastric band surgery

  • To track one’s recovery, one is required to spend one night in the hospital.
  • A strict diet is followed and only permitted to drink liquids for the first few weeks.
  • It is important to increase the food options to soft, primarily pureed foods between 4 and 6 weeks.
  • The transition to solid food will happen after the sixth week.
  • Within two days of the surgery, individuals can resume normal daily activities and employment.
  • Consult a doctor again to discuss how the recovery is coming along.
  • Consult a dietitian for updates on the weight-loss plan.

Things to be considered before gastric band surgery

  • One should stop taking Aspirin and any other blood-thinning medications a week prior to the procedure.
  • One should let the surgeon know right away if one has a drug allergy.
  • Don’t smoke before the procedure.
  • Any alcoholic beverage consumption may have an impact on anesthesia. Therefore, it would be best if one avoided alcohol before surgery.
  • Follow the medication adjustments recommended by the doctor for current medications.
  • Before the surgery, the patient should abstain from eating starting at midnight. The majority of people can return to most of their regular activities in two days, but they might need to take a week off from work.

Questions Asked Frequently

Q. What distinguishes gastric bypass from lap band surgery?

A gastric band is less invasive than a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, which is the main distinction between them. Any time after gastric band surgery, the silicon band is removed.

Q. What qualifications are needed for gastric band surgery?

No matter how you are feeling, you have a BMI of 40 or higher. Additionally, a BMI of 35 to 40 and at least one serious obesity-related condition.

Q. What is gastric band surgery for weight loss?

A weight loss procedure called a gastric band restricts the stomach to help patients eat less. Compared to other weight loss options like gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery, it is a minimally invasive surgery to treat obesity.

Dr. Surbhi Suden

Verified By Dr. Surbhi Suden

Dr. Surbhi Suden is one of the founders of Lyfboat and a doctor with a renowned name in the Medical tourism industry. She has been working with international patients since 2008 and is a deeply committed professional with a long term vision of transforming the current healthcare scenarios.

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Dr. Surbhi Suden

Verified By Dr. Surbhi Suden

Dr. Surbhi Suden is one of the founders of Lyfboat and a doctor with a renowned name in the Medical tourism industry. She has been working with international patients since 2008 and is a deeply committed professional with a long term vision of transforming the current healthcare scenarios.
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