Medical Tourism in Malaysia: Guidelines

Malaysia is yet another Asian country popular for its tourist spots, in addition to highly affordable and world-class medical treatment. It is estimated that medical treatment in Malaysia costs 85 to 90 percent less than the UK and this is the reason why many patients from abroad like to couple their leisure travel to Malaysia with medical treatment and vice versa. Like any other country, there are certain things that tourists must keep in mind before and during their medical or leisure travel to Malaysia. Medical Tourism in Malaysia

What to expect?

Accommodation: A dorm in Malaysia costs anywhere from just $1 to $2, while a stay at a reputed hospital with all the modern facilities may cost just $49per night. Thus, accommodation in Malaysia is highly affordable and cheap. Food: A fast food combo meal (for example McDonald’s) may cost just $4 and a week worth of groceries may cost no more than $25, which is highly reasonable. Transportation: Malaysia has an extensive trans[ortation network, which includes buses, taxis, and air transport. Taxis may prove a bit more expensive than buses as it is charged on a per person basis. Therefore, if you do not find people to ride along, then you may be asked to pay for all the four seats. Including the cost of other activities such as rafting and trip to national parks, an average tourist may have to spend just around $30 to $40 in Malaysia every day.

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Special Guidelines For Medical Tourists

  • Do not expect “bacon” to be made from pork entirely in Malaysia, it could be made from turkey, chicken, or beef as well and still be called bacon.
  • Carry all the necessary documents required to enter the country as a medical tourist.
  • Apply for a visa extension if your medical stay lasts for more than a month.
  • Malaysia is one of the most liberal Muslim nations. Therefore, you can visit there even during the month of Ramadan as eating, drinking, and smoking in public is not prohibited for visitors during that month.
  • You may ask your medical tourism provider to arrange for a visit to islands such as Langkawi, Tioman, and Labuan. These islands are tax-free zones and the government tariffs are waived off on selected goodies and hotels on this island.
  • Be careful while choosing a taxi in Kuala Lumpur. They are known for their notoriety and therefore, you must fix on an amount before boarding the taxi.
  • Use public transportation wherever possible.
  • Local street food is the cheapest and the best food in the country. However, make sure to seek advice before you decide to satisfy your taste buds. Health comes before anything else.


  • Agree on a fare before boarding a taxi as they are not usually metered.
  • Save your money by avoiding drinking alcohol as it is very expensive.
  • Call before visiting someone at home.
  • Remove shoes before visiting any place of worship or someone’s home.
  • Some Malaysian females may prefer others to greet them with a smile and nod.
  • Accept drinks offered as a host.

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  • Do not drink openly in Malaysia because it is mostly prohibited.
  • Avoid toasting if drinking with someone.
  • Do not visit a Malaysian home with your shoes on.
  • Do not point your right forefinger to point at persons, place, or objects.
  • Even though handshake is generally acceptable, avoid doing it in the case of Malaysian females.
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