How Much Does Gamma Knife Surgery Cost?

“The best countries for Gamma Knife Surgery are India, Turkey, Dubai (UAE), USA and UK. The cost of gamma knife surgery starts from USD 6,500 in India.

One example of radiation treatment is gamma knife radiosurgery. Another name for it is stereotactic radiosurgery. Although a Gamma Knife operation is considered surgery, incisions are not made during it. It isn’t a knife either. The Gamma Knife employs extremely focused gamma ray beams to treat a lesion or growth (tumor). It is mostly used in the brain.

Without the necessity for an incision, the gamma radiation beams provide a highly powerful dosage of radiation to a tiny region. Cells are destroyed by radiosurgery so they can’t proliferate. With time, a lesion or tumor will get smaller.

Because the outcome is akin to eliminating a lesion through surgery, gamma knife radiosurgery is referred to as surgery. With little impact on neighboring healthy tissue, the radiation beams are carefully directed to approach the lesion. One form of radiosurgery system is the Gamma Knife system. Its brand name is Gamma Knife.

The Gamma Knife technique is carried out by medical staff. A radiation oncologist is in charge of the group. This person is an expert in cancer radiation therapy.

Gamma knife radiosurgery is a treatment for certain brain conditions

It has been clinically demonstrated that some brain disorders may be non-invasively treated with gamma knife radiosurgery. Tumors with target diameters ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters can be efficiently treated with it.

The following are a few of the ailments that the Gamma Knife technique can successfully treat:

Benign or Malignant Brain Tumors

The most common method of treatment for this kind of benign tumour is surgery with the Gamma Knife. For the removal of meningiomas, stereotactic radiosurgery is shown to be the most effective method.

Gamma Knife radiosurgery has been successfully used to prolong the median survival of tumor recurrence by 8 to 12 months on average.

For patients suffering from craniopharyngiomas and those who have failed to receive any benefits from other conventional therapies, Gamma Knife radiosurgery has proved to be beneficial. It helps increase survival rates.

Low-grade astrocytoma is effectively treated with the help of radiosurgery. A patient with astrocytoma can expect or be treated completely with the help of Gamma Knife surgery.

Residual or recurrent oligodendrogliomas are successfully treated with the help of minimally invasive Gamma Knife surgery.

Gamma Knife treatment has significantly enhanced the rate of tumor control in patients with hemangioblastoma. Neurologic functions are also preserved to a greater extent in these patients following this procedure.

Metastatic Brain Tumors

Neurosurgeons have effectively used Gamma Knife radiosurgery for the treatment of metastatic brain lesions and tumors.

Lesions arising from primary tumors of the kidney, skin, breast, uterus, colon, or other organs in the brain are expunged with this procedure with a success rate of more than 90%.

Gamma Knife is successfully used to treat many other medical conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia, arteriovenous malformations, cavernous angiomas, Parkinson’s disease, and medically intractable epilepsy.

Gamma Knife surgery has made a revolutionary change in the life of patients whose tumors were declared inoperable due to its location, patients with specific medical conditions that make it impossible for the surgeons to conduct conventional surgeries, patients with recurrent tumors, and patients whose tumors were not removed totally during previous surgical procedures.

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Benefits of gamma knife radiosurgery

  • A minimally invasive procedure, gamma knife radiosurgery doesn’t require any cutting or opening of the bone cranium. As a result, the hazards of traditional procedures, such as infection, bleeding, and neurological deficiency, are essentially non-existent in this situation.
  • The only procedure recognized by the FDA for the treatment of brain metastases is gamma knife surgery.
  • The patient receiving treatment with the Gamma Knife is not necessary to attend therapy sessions since they may resume their regular schedule in a few days.
  • With the use of anchoring devices, this procedure can even reach the cervical spine region.
  • Can target tumors deep inside the brain that traditional surgery cannot reach
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery is frequently 25 to 40% less expensive than conventional radiosurgery.
  • It is an accurate and reliable method to treat several different kinds of cancer.
  • Can target multiple tumors at the same time.
  • The surrounding healthy tissue is spared.
  • Reduces the risk of post-surgery complications, including infection and bleeding.
  • Post-treatment discomfort and pain are minimal.
  • No overnight stay is required.
  • Return to usual activities is quick, usually in 2 to 3 days.
  • Can be combined with other treatment options, including traditional surgery.

With the long list of benefits, there may be a few things to be careful about

  • The treatment effect is not always immediate.
  • Radiation-induced toxicity is possible.
  • It may not be the best choice for people with multiple tumors or lesions.
  • The possibility of severe side effects.

Other side effects of surgery with a gamma knife

As compared to conventional brain surgery, gamma knife surgery is a low-risk operation. The followings are the most typical dangers and adverse effects of gamma knife surgery:

  • Headache.
  • Hemorrhage, or bleeding on the brain.
  • Seizures.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Fatigue.
  • Swelling of the brain.
  • Numbness or tingling in the scalp near the pin sites.


This treatment requires a team of neurological surgeons, radiation oncologists, radiologists, medical physicists, computer specialists, and physician assistants. The surgery is conducted in the following steps:

Frame fixation: A custom-made stereotactic face mask depending on the size of the tumor and its location is fitted securely around the head of the patient. This is done to hold the head of the patient in a still position to get the scans with precision.

Diagnostic imaging: The patient undergoes the imaging scans such as an MRI and CT scan. These scans help the doctor to locate the abnormality in the brain with accuracy.

Computerized treatment planning: The treatment is designed with the help of three-dimensional software to hit the exact contours of the tumors with effective dosing of the radiation.

Radiation delivery: The patient’s head is held still while several sources of small radiations are focused on the target simultaneously. The procedure takes 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the number of targets.

Factors affecting the cost of gamma knife surgery

The following factors affect Gamma Knife surgery cost:

  • Choice of country
  • Type of facility and its location
  • Experience of the specialist
  • Type of condition the patient is suffering from
  • Session planning and radiation dosage
  • Location of the tumor and its size
  • Complications management
  • Consultations and follow-ups

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Best Countries for Gamma Knife Surgery


  • Some of the top gamma knife surgeons in the world are from India. They vary from surgeons available elsewhere in the globe due to their precision and extensive expertise in treating various cancer patients.
  • Most of them received their education and training overseas. Also, they regularly refresh their skills in order to keep up with advancements in the field of Gamma Knife surgery and changes in how medical technology is used.
  • The average gamma knife surgery cost in India starts from USD 6500.
  • Indian doctors with surgical skills have also performed operations abroad. Medical tourists from around the world travel to India for gamma knife surgery because of their extensive experience and exposure to the treatment regimens used in other nations. In all, they have successfully treated more than 500,000 patients from throughout the globe.
  • Greater cancer treatment success rates in India are to blame for an increase in foreign patients seeking the operation each year.
  • India has far more affordable gamma knife treatment costs than other nations. Patients from other countries can receive the same standard of care in India even after paying a low fee for treatment, just like they would everywhere else in the globe.
  • Even patients from the US and other Western nations travel to India for surgery. This is due to the high cost of cancer treatment in such nations.
  • Due to the absence of adequate medical services in their native countries, patients from developing nations, particularly African nations, come to India for this therapy. On the other side, people from developed nations are mostly drawn to India because of the reduced cost of gamma knife therapy there.
  • Several Indian hospitals provide the Gamma Knife radiosurgery procedure, which aids in the treatment of brain cancers, lesions, and various other disorders. This cancer therapy does not entail surgery or the use of a blade or knife.


  • Prices for gamma knife procedures in Turkey range from 6500 to 12000 USD, which is affordable.
  • While one is recovering from the treatment, there are plenty of things to keep one entertained in Turkey. People from all over the world, including those from the Middle East, Germany, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom, are traveling to Turkey for medical care as the nation has become a viable option for medical tourism.
  • Turkish healthcare professionals with training and experience will guarantee the quality of the provided care. Moreover, Turkey gives you an edge over rivals in terms of lodging and transportation. Additionally, the Turkish Ministry of Health inspects hospitals to ensure they meet standards and deliver high-quality care.
  • In Turkey, the neurology department focuses on the identification and management of brain and nervous system disorders. Following a thorough consultation in Turkey, they will lead the patients through the treatment process. They will provide recommendations for the best available treatment options.
  • Gamma Knife Radiosurgery is carried out for foreign patients in some of Turkey’s greatest and most accredited hospitals.
  • Hospitals in Turkey are JCI-accredited medical facility that offers a wide range of medical services across multiple specialties. Doctors specialize in cancer, neurological, and cardiovascular treatment.
  • There are several facilities that provide patients with gamma knife operations. Specialized medical professionals perform these surgeries, and hospitals offer the patient close monitoring.
  • Typically, patients are only expected to stay in the hospital for one day at most, and they are then expected to return home and resume their normal life. Turkey charges fair pricing for this kind of medical care, just like it does for all other types. The cost of a gamma knife radiosurgery varies from $6,500 to $12,000 depending on the facility the patient visits and their specific medical needs.
  • In Turkey, these operations are conducted through doctors that excel in their fields but continue to offer reasonable prices. A patient with a tumor can receive the best treatment in a European sense below 12000 dollars in Turkey without any pain.
  • About offering low-cost, high-quality medical treatment, there is one assumption. Due to Turkey’s much-reduced cost of living, this is feasible. When it comes to the therapy or service Turkey provides to its patients, they never skimp.


Many patients get Gamma Knife surgery is done in Dubai, because of

  • Availability of Qualified Neurosurgeons in Dubai
  • Experienced Gamma Knife Surgeons in Dubai
  • High Success Rate for Gamma Knife surgery in Dubai
  • Gamma Knife cost in Dubai is affordable
  • High Gamma Knife surgery success rate in Dubai

The hospitals in Dubai own an International Patient Services Team that is responsible to assist international patients with world-class healthcare, transportation arrangement, accommodation facilities, language interpreters, and much more. They provide 7-star hospitality with aesthetically designed interiors, and an ambiance full of comfort to enhance the healing process.

The sprawling healthcare complexes are accredited by the Joint Commission International for their advanced healthcare infrastructure and excellent healthcare delivery and the availability of affordable, medical, and surgical care under one roof in most of the hospitals in Dubai.


People often travel to the USA to receive specialized medical care from qualified doctors for serious health concerns.

Although this is an irrefutable fact, the majority of patients find it difficult to pay for medical care in the United State as the average cost of a Gamma Knife procedure in the USA is between $35,000 and $45,000.


Gamma Knife Treatment Cost in the UK (€25,000 – €35,000).

Healthcare in the UK provides the best standards with its highly-trained and well-experienced doctors to make sure patients receive the best possible care, tailored to their condition.

However, as in the USA, medical treatments and hospitalization along with other additional expenses may cost a lot in this country.

Gamma Knife treatment cost in the UK is one-third of the traditional surgery cost. A complete Gamma Knife treatment cost in the UK is between €25,000 and €35,000.

Survival rate of gamma knife surgery for different procedures

ProceduresSurvival Rate
Arteriovenous malformation (AVM)70-85%
Trigeminal neuralgia80%
Brain tumor90%
Acoustic neuroma92-95%
Pituitary tumors85-90%

Patient’s quality of life can be enhanced by gamma knife surgery in the following ways by:

Reducing symptoms: Brain diseases’ accompanying symptoms, such as ongoing pain, headaches, and seizures, can often be significantly reduced or even completely eliminated by gamma knife surgery.

Tumor reduction: The surgery can reduce the size of brain tumors, relieving strain on nearby tissues and enhancing symptoms.

Enhancing function: Using gamma knife surgery, important brain functions including speech, vision, and motor control may be preserved or improved.

Risk reduction: When compared to conventional surgical techniques, Gamma Knife surgery has a shorter recovery period and lower risk of complications.

Enhancing one’s quality of life Gamma Knife surgery can dramatically enhance many patients’ overall quality of life by lowering symptoms and enhancing function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a regular life be led after having gamma knife surgery?
Many patients who undergo Gamma Knife surgery can resume their normal lives thereafter and benefit from the procedure’s higher quality of life with the right treatment and follow-up.

Q. How long does recovery take following gamma knife surgery?
Depending on the patient’s situation, recovery from Gamma Knife surgery varies, however, most patients can resume their regular activities a few weeks following the procedure.

Q. What percentage of surgeries with gamma knives succeed?
The type and stage of the tumor or brain problem, the patient’s age, general health, and how well they respond to treatment are all factors that affect the success rate of Gamma Knife surgery.

Q. Can a malignant brain tumor be treated by gamma knife surgery?
Gamma knife surgery can help patients with malignant brain tumors feel better and manage their symptoms, but it is unlikely to completely cure the underlying malignancy.

Q. How does life expectancy differ after gamma knife surgery?
After Gamma Knife Surgery for benign brain tumors and functional problems, life expectancy is normally average. The prognosis for malignant brain tumors, however, will depend both on the cancer’s stage and the patient’s general health.

Dr. Surbhi Suden

Verified By Dr. Surbhi Suden

Dr. Surbhi Suden is one of the founders of Lyfboat and a doctor with a renowned name in the Medical tourism industry. She has been working with international patients since 2008 and is a deeply committed professional with a long term vision of transforming the current healthcare scenarios.

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Dr. Surbhi Suden

Verified By Dr. Surbhi Suden

Dr. Surbhi Suden is one of the founders of Lyfboat and a doctor with a renowned name in the Medical tourism industry. She has been working with international patients since 2008 and is a deeply committed professional with a long term vision of transforming the current healthcare scenarios.
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