Liver Transplant Cost in Fortis Hospital

Last Modified: April 16, 2021  |   Created on: April 9, 2021

Liver Transplant at Fortis is performed by the finest doctors in the country. An experienced, highly qualified and patient friendly team of transplant experts who have extensive training in patient care. It is one of the few centres in North India that offers Laparoscopic Surgery for the liver donors. Liver transplant cost in Fortis may start from USD 30000, including several pre-operative services and post-operative care.

They offer superior patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes for the transplant. The centre provides a complete range of services for the operation including evaluation for liver donors and patients at Fortis hospitals. 

Fortis is a forerunner brand name in healthcare services and is highly reputed for quality of clinical care and hospitality. As one of the largest and most comprehensive medical facility in the country, it offers various organ transplant programs. The hospital provides integrated facilities for all the medical care required for pre and post- transplant management.


The Group of Fortis Hospital in Mohali has set up a benchmark for Liver Transplant in India by performing successful liver transplants surgeries with the excellent success rate is 90-95%.

The Liver Transplant in Fortis is being performed by the team that comprises the best liver transplant surgeons in India. They are not just experienced, but reputed and experts with an excellent record in terms of clinical results and patient care.

The Liver & Digestive Diseases Institute at Fortis Hospital provides extensive high-end care for a wide range of liver disorders. The department is supported by state-of-the-art operation theaters and the latest therapeutic care technology and patient monitoring systems.

This department at Fortis Hospital takes prides in its clinical excellence, compassionate care and a soothing ambience with complete focus on patient satisfaction. The hospital is reputed for providing safe, high quality care to the patients.

Fortis Hospital has a very large patient base from all over the world. They offer specialized services to international patients to ensure their utmost care and comfort during their treatment.

Fortis offers economical medical packages that help lower the overall expense and make liver transplant affordable to patients from varying socio-economic background. The best liver specialists in India are employed at Fortis for dealing with biliary complications of the patient.

The Group also offers liver transplantation services in various Fortis Hospitals, such as in Noida, Delhi NCR and Gurgaon. The transplant team combines the efforts of different specialists who have worked at various centres across the world under one roof.

Their cumulative experience and expertise in providing successful transplant surgery makes liver transplant in Fortis one of the best in the country. Fortis Memorial Research Institute is one of the largest and most comprehensive hospital in Gurgoan, with 11-acre campus and 1000 beds. It is referred to as a ‘Next Generation Hospital’ based on its talent pool, advanced technology, modern infrastructure and quality of service.

Fortis Hospitals strictly adheres to international safety protocols for donors as well as recipients. The surgeons are internationally trained experts who are skilled in using the most innovative and highly advanced technologies to successfully treat the patients with liver failure or other complex liver problems that lead to the need of a transplant.

The team guides and aids the patients at all stages. The specialists are involves extensive medical research to come up with more effective and advanced treatment methods.  

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The patients go through multiple steps during liver transplant at Fortis Hospital, and the team discusses all these steps with the patient before the surgery.

The Pre-Transplant work-up is designed to understand every aspect of the patient’s condition properly and determine the fitness of the patient for the surgery. In the pre- transplant work-up, the patient undergoes various tests such as blood tests, viral markers, radiology evaluation, biochemistry analysis, tumor markers, and imaging studies with CT-Scans, Angiogram, ECHO test and endoscopy. Other specialists such as Cardiologist, Gastroenterologist, Anesthetist, Pulmonologist, Physiotherapist, Psychiatrist and dietitian are also involved in the complete evaluation of the patient. 

After the liver transplant process is complete, the doctors and nurses work together to provide a proper post-operative care to the patient. They usually stay under continuous monitoring until complete recovery and the team ensures proper delivery of medications to the patient. The patients and their family receive all the support and even the caregivers during their recovery.

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Liver Transplant Surgery

Liver transplant is a surgical procedure which involves the removal of a diseased liver that has been damaged to an extent that it doesn’t function properly. In this procedure, the damaged liver is replaced with a healthy liver from a deceased or living donor.

It’s a major, complicated surgery that requires expertise and experience of a skilled surgeon. The patient undergoes strict pre-operative preparedness and detailed medical history is evaluated for the recipient as well as the donor.

Liver transplantation can be generally performed with two types of source for donor liver:

Liver transplant from deceased donor: It is also known as Cadaveric liver transplant.

In this type of liver transplant operation, the donor livers come from deceased donors, who has been declared brain dead (or cardiac death) but has viable organs. The ethic committee reviews the patients on the waiting list and assign them a score based on their condition and urgent need for the transplant. 

Liver transplant from Living Donor: In this, a segment of part of healthy liver is taken from a living donor, who could be a family member or non-relative with matching blood type. The donor must be 18-55 years old and have no medical or psychiatric condition that may pose health risks during the surgery.

The suitable candidates are screened to determine compatibility with the recipients with various tests, including blood type, crossmatch, HLA testing, CT scan to assess the volume and fat in the liver and sometimes, MRI to assess bile duct. 

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