Medical Visa to India for Ethiopian Patients

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Medical Visa Assistance

Processing Fee for Medical Visa from Ethiopia to India

Visa ValidityVisa Processing Fee
6 monthsUSD 92 (2103 Birr)
1 yearUSD 132 (3107 Birr)

The payment has to be done in cash (Birr) as the option of online transaction is not available.

Indian Medical Visas are offered by the Government of India to citizens of other countries, who are ailing from a medical condition and wish to seek treatment in India.

India has become a hot spot for medical treatment because it offers highest quality medical care at the most reasonable prices. Hospitals in India are equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and significantly skilled doctors, providing excellent and personalized medical care to all patients. This comes with the added benefit of a very reasonable cost that is affordable to patients coming from diverse economical background.

India has become a popular medical destination for Ethiopian nationals. This article details the process for applying for an Indian medical visa including the eligibility criteria, online application procedure, visa processing time and fees, and mandatory documents that are required to be submitted with the application.

Application Process for Medical Visa

Apply Online

Fill in the online visa application form on the official website

Submit Documents

Submit the visa application form and visa fees at Indian Mission

Book Travel

Book your travel to India once you obtain your visa

Register at FRRO

After arrival, Register yourself at FRRO

Eligibility criteria for Ethiopians applying for Indian Medical Visa

Conditions that must be met by an Ethiopian passport holder in order to get Medical visa are:

  • A Medical visa is granted to those who are travelling to India specifically for medical treatment. Priority is given to patients seeking treatment of significant nature such as Cardiac surgery, Neurosurgery, Renal disorders, Organ transplant, Joint replacements, Cancer treatment. Note:additional treatments are eligible, this list is not comprehensive.
  • Patient must choose to be treated at a government recognized and reputed hospital/healthcare centre located in India.
  • Patient must have an invitation letter from the hospital/healthcare centre.
  • Maximum of two attendants are allowed to accompany the applicant (patient) on a separate Medical Attendant Visa and they must be blood relatives or close associates of the applicant.
  • Each applicant must have a passport with at least 6 months validity and two blank pages that are to be used for Indian visa stamp.

Documents required to be submitted for Indian Medical Visa Application

  1. Indian visa application form – Printed copy of completely filled Visa Application form by Ethiopian passport holder, bearing the photo and signature of the applicant, which should match the signature on passport.
  2. Original, signed passport – with atleast 6 months of validity. There should be minimum two blank pages available for the Indian visa stamp.
  3. Photocopy of the passport ID page clearly showing picture, date of birth etc.
  4. Two recent passport size photographs (2’’ X 2”).
  5. Yellow fever vaccination certificate – to be acquired a minimum of 10 days before applicant’s arrival in India. The certificate is valid for 10 years and validity begins 10 days after vaccination.
  6. Oral Polio Vaccination certificate – to be acquired by the applicant between 4 weeks to 12 months prior to travelling to India. The validity of OPV certificate is one year.
    The authorized centre for administering Oral Polio Vaccination (OPV) is the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian the Black Lion Hospital, Addis Ababa. All visa applicants are required to provide Oral Polio Vaccination Certificates issued by the Black Lion Hospital.
  7. Copy of attendant’s passport along with proof of residence and proof of relationship with the patient.
  8. Copy of official letter from local hospital/healthcare center in home country, establishing the need of special treatment for the patient in India.
  9. Copy of invitation letter from hospital/healthcare center in India mentioning the doctor’s name and treatment details of the patient along with the name and passport number of the patient as well as the attendants.
  10. Medical records/documents illustrating the detailed history of patient’s illness.
  11. Proof of residence – utility bills that are more than 3 months old or state issued driving license.
  12. Copy of National Identification card
  13. Copy of return Air ticket reservation
  14. Proof of availability of funds showing applicant’s ability to bear the cost of treatment and sustain their stay in India.

Important documents required by Minors while applying are:

  • Copy of minor’s birth certificate
  • Copy of passport of both parents
  • Visa application signed and notarized by both parents

Get Free Assistance for Medical Visa to India

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Steps for filling Online Visa Application Form

  • Go to the official government website and select ‘Regular Visa Application’ on this page.
  • Fill in the required details on the form by selecting the correct name of the country, nationality, Indian Mission and Visa type along with expected date of arrival, Date of birth and email ID. Enter the access code and click on continue.
  • The online medical visa application form is of 3 pages. Fill in the details on each page of the form and click on Continue.
  • Fill the details pertaining to your medical conditions including the duration of treatment, purpose of the visit, expected date of arrival and departure, details of the referring hospital in your country and in India.
  • If you travel to India with Lyfboat’s assistance, we will be happy to be your reference point in India. Please feel free to mention our contact details such as address and phone number while filling the online visa application form.
  • You can upload your picture while filling the online application form or paste it on the printed hard copy of the form.
  • Check all your details in the preview, which appears after clicking on continue on the third page. In case you find any error in your information, click on Modify/Edit and if everything is correct, click on Verified and Continue.
  • Read through all the instructions appearing on the new window. You can still modify the details, if needed, by clicking on Cancel and fill out the form again from the beginning.
  • Click OK to complete the registration if no changes are to be made. A new window will appear where you can, according to your convenience, select an appointment date for submission of hard copy of your visa application at the Mission Counter.
  • Click on Confirm Appointment. Two options will be displayed on a new window – Print or Save.
  • Click on Save option first and then select Print Registered Application (on the home page) to get the printed copy of the filled visa application form.
  • Put your signature in the box below the photograph and in the box at the bottom of second page.
  • Submit the printed copy of online visa application form along with the mandatory documents mentioned above, at the Mission counter on the appointed date during the working hours (0900 hours 1200 hours) of the working days.

Where to Apply

The Embassy of India

Address: Kebena, Aware, next to Bel Air Hotel, P.O. Box 528 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: 00251-11-1235538-41
Fax: 00251-11-1235547-48
Working days: Monday to Friday
Working hours: 0900-1200 hours for submission of visa applications and 1600-1730 hours for delivery of visa and other documents

Processing Time for Medical Visa from Ethiopia to India

Usually, Medical visa/Medical Attendant visa is issued in 3-7 working days, counting from the day after the submission of the application.

You can track your visa status by clicking on Visa Status Enquiry on the home page of the official website . Fill in the Application ID provided on the receipt issued by Indian Mission/ Agent after submission of your application at the Mission counter.

FRRO Registration

It is mandatory for all foreign nationals visiting India on Medical/Medical Attendant visa with the validity of more than 6 months to get registered with Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO)/ Foreign Registration Office (FRO), within 14 days of arrival into the country. 
The foreign nationals must report for registration in person or through an authorized representative, to the concerned Registration Officer. This includes minors above 16 years of age; while for the minors below this particular age, no registration is required.
A foreigner can apply for online registration on the official government website, in which case the necessary documents and photograph can be uploaded online. 
In case of late registration, a penalty in Indian currency equivalent to US$ 30/-(Rs.1395/-) is charged. This fee can be revised from time to time.

List of documents required for registration:

  • Original passport and visa
  • 4 passport size photographs
  • Registration form
  • Copies of important pages of passport including the pages bearing the photo, validity, arrival stamp of India Immigration
  • Copies of undertaking letter signed by the Indian host/ sponsor/ guarantor along with their identification proof (passport/PAN card/official identification card).
  • Copies of proof of residence (like utility bills including electricity bill/telephone bill/municipal bill)
  • Official letter from reputed hospital/healthcare center where the applicant is taking the treatment along with relevant medical reports and medical certificate mentioning the duration of treatment. If the applicant is already admitted in the hospital, then the medical certificate containing applicant’s photo attested and certified by the doctor is also required.

Indian Medical Visa validity and Visa extension

A Medical Visa to India is issued for one year, and is a triple-entry visa. This allows the Visa holder to enter India on the same visa a total of 3 times during the period of validity. 
The Medical attendant visa is valid for the same time duration. The validity of visa is counted from the date of issue, and not from the date of entry into the country.
If needed, patient can apply for visa extension, in case the treatment and recovery is taking more time than initially planned. For visa extension, one needs to provide certain necessary documents that have to be submitted to State Government/Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO), which then may recommend it to Ministry of Home Affairs for granting the extension.

List of documents needed to apply for medical visa extension

  • Application form
  • Original passport
  • Indian visa and its copies
  • Official letter/ medical certificate from concerned medical authority stating the details regarding their treatment and time required by them to stay in the country for recovery.
  • Copies of relevant pages of passport including photo page, validity bearing page and page having the arrival stamp of Indian Immigration
  • 4 passport size photographs of the applicant.
  • Proof of residence in India like copy of lease agreement if living in a rented accommodation or copy of utility bills of the landlord if staying at a friend’s place.
  • In case of applicant being already admitted in the hospital, the medical certificate containing applicant’s photo attested and certified by the doctor is required.
  • Medical documents and reports illustrating the details of applicant’s illness
  • Registration certificate/Residential Permit
  • Medical attendant’s visa

To get information about the important contact details of FRRO Offices in India for extension of Indian Medical Visa, click here.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I am currently staying in some other country rather than my home country and want to apply for Indian Medical Visa?

You can apply for the visa from the country you are currently residing in, if they have an Indian Embassy there. In case an Indian Embassy is not located in your area of residence, you can get in touch with the nearest Indian Embassy. They will guide you further from there.

Q. Am I eligible to avail medical treatment if I am planning to visit India on E-Tourist Visa? If yes, then which are these procedures that I can undertake?

Yes, E-Tourist Visa can be used for short term medical interventions, routine check-health ups and follow-ups. Some of such procedures are dental procedures, small cosmetic procedures, penile implants etc., for which one can plan medical travel on tourist visa.

Q. Can I apply for an Indian e-Medical Visa?

Ethiopians are not eligible to apply through Indian e-Medical Visa as this service is available for nationals of only 162 countries. They must submit their application and fee in person at the Embassy. For more information regarding e-Visa services, you can visit

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