Medical Visa to Mexico

Last Modified: March 19, 2021  |   Created on: March 19, 2021
Medical Visa Assistance
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Medical travel to Mexico has gained immense popularity, owing to its world-class medical facilities and low-cost healthcare packages. To enter the United Mexico States, a visitor must obtain a visa and carry the required documents.  

The immigration authorities of the country keep the right to grant or deny entry into the country, even with the visa. The officials request information regarding the purpose of the trip and the length, as well as the financial security to cover your expenses during the stay in the country. 

The Mexico Tourist Card, officially referred to as the FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple), is a mandatory entry requirement for all foreign nationals who are traveling to Mexico for tourism, business, or leisure purposes. The FMM is used for a single entry by air or land. It is valid for a maximum of 180 days, starting from the time the immigration seal is stamped which is done upon arrival in Mexico. It helps the Mexican Immigration Authority to keep an official record of all visitors to the country.

Holders of U.S.A. Canada, U.K. And Schengen Visas:

Holders of a valid visa or passports from the U.S.A., Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Schengen visas DO NOT require a visa to travel to Mexico. Additionally, travellers who are permanent residents of the mentioned countries and Pacific Alliance (Colombia, Peru, Chile) DO NOT need a Mexican visa to travel on business, tourism, or transit purpose for or less than 180 days. However, they must present the required documents at the point of entry.

Citizens from the following countries and regions do not require a visa to travel to Mexico:

American Samoa




New Zealand



Cayman Islands

French Guiana


Niue Islands




French Polynesia


Norfolk Islands

South Korea


Christmas Islands






Cocos (Keeling) Islands




St. Helena




Mayotte (Mahoré)




Cook Islands





Azores Islands

Costa Rica







Guam Islands

Mariana Islands


Trinidad and Tobago



Hong Kong

Marshall Islands

Pitcairn Islands

Turks and Caicos


Czech Republic




United Kingdom of Great Britain




Micronesia, Federated States of


United States of America





Puerto Rico






Reunion Island

US Virgin Islands

British Indian Ocean Territory

Falkland Islands


Netherlands (Holland)



British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Faroe Islands


Netherlands Antilles

San Marino

Wallis and Futuna Islands 




New Caledonia



Note: If a person is granted a Mexican visa, he/she will be able to travel to Mexico, but it does not guarantee entry to the country. 

At the entry point, the Mexican immigration officers may ask some questions to

Confirm the reasons for the visit, and ask about the length of your stay, and how is the trip financed. They may also request printed documents such as hotel reservations, return tickets, or travel itineraries.

Here are some examples of the questions that might be asked:

  • What is the purpose of traveling to Mexico? 
  • What activities are you planning to engage in?
  • Where are you staying? Please show your reservation?
  • Do you have any acquaintances (Mexican residents) in the country?
  • How will you cover the expenses when you are in Mexico?
  • How long are you planning to stay in Mexico?
  • When and how will you leave the country? May I see the return ticket?

This is to verify the authenticity of all the documents presented and the truthfulness as well as consistency of the information provided by the traveler at the time of visa issue. They will also confirm that no outright restriction limits your entry into the country.

Documents required to be submitted for Mexico Visa

  • A completed and signed visa application form.
  • Original Passport with at least 6 months validity, minimum 3 blank pages and one color photocopy of the pages containing personal information, a photograph of bearer and expiry date/extensions
  • All old passports, if any
  • 2 scanned recent color photograph – size 32mm x 26mm, no eyeglasses, on white background
  • A personal Cover letter that explains the purpose of travel to the country
  • Original Bank Statement that must be stamped & updated for last 3 months with bank seal
  • Valid proof of legal residence/entry in the home country and one photocopy
  • Air tickets that show proof of return flight tickets from and back to the home country
  • Hotel reservation or proof of accommodation for the duration of stay
  • Travel Itinerary outlining the day-wise plan for all parts of the trip
  • Marriage certificate and 1 photocopy for spouses, in addition to the original and photocopy of spouse’s ID

Proof of Financial Solvency may include:

Personal financial records

– Original last 3 (three) months personal bank statements stamped by the bank.

– Last 3 (three) months’ payslips,

– Original employment letter, on company’s letterhead, signed in ink, stating applicant’s full name, nationality and passport number, a period of employment, position and salary.

Those who prefer to apply for a Mexican visa at the Embassy are suggested to email the digital copies of the complete application form and supporting documents for a pre-assessment before coming to the consular interview.

Visa for Minors 

The visitors under the age of 18 years traveling to Mexico only require a valid passport, birth certificate and fulfill the general migration requirements as per their nationality.

The visa application should be signed by a parent and if it is delivered only by the father or mother, it is mandatory to submit a notarized authorization from the other parent. 

If a minor requiring legal guardianship attends the interview on their own or someone different from their parent’s represents, it is mandatory to submit a notarized document that indicates their parents or legal guardianship have authorized the visa application.

Note: The ‘Original’ refers to the documents that are signed/stamped in ink, and not to an electronic/digitalized copy or version. Also, note that personal invitations such as from a friend inviting you to Mexico will not be accepted.

Get Free Assistance for Medical Visa to India

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Visa Application Procedure

  • The application form can be filled in person at some consulates where you will be submitting the application, or Mexico Visa Application Form can be downloaded from the website of the Mexico embassy from where the applicant is applying. 
  • Once the application form is filled out, one passport-size color photograph (size 32 mm x 26 mm), no eyeglasses, on white background should be affixed to the application form. Also, the application form must be signed by the applicant.
  • Make the payment visa-free in the currency that is acceptable at the Consulate you are applying at. 
  • Ready the documents to be submitted and make the appointment for the interview. 
  • Biometrics is required to process a visa, and it is imperative for applicants to be physically present at the Embassy office. The visa is issued only upon compliance with all the requirements. 
  • After submission of the application and the biometrics, the visa should be issued within 10 working days (the visas are usually issued much earlier – normally within the same week of application). 

Visa collection timings are from 12:00 P.M. to 12:30 P.M, from Monday to Friday. Although appointments are not mandatory, early application is highly recommended or a courier company can collect the passport on your behalf.

Processing Time for Visa to Mexico

The visa fee for a Tourist, Business Or Transit Visa (for the long-term or short-term) is different and varies for different nationalities. On the date of appointment, the applicant must submit the documents, application form at the Mexico embassy and pay the Mexico visa fee.

The payment method also differs from country to country since some may require you to pay upfront via bank while others ask you to pay in cash. Additionally, one may also have to pay for the Tourist Card, which may be between $15-$30. The prices for a Mexico Tourist Card are subject to change from time to time.

For more information about the exact cost, visit the embassy or consulate website.

Indian Medical Visa validity and Visa extension

Visit the INM office to request an extension of the visa. The applicant must carry their valid passport and a tourist card. They may also need to show proof of their finances and how they will cover the expense of the stay. The Applicant then has to pay a fee to extend the visa.

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