Best Countries for Penis Enlargement Surgery

For penis enlargement surgery, Turkey and India are prime destinations, offering advanced procedures with skilled specialists.

  • The cost of Penis Enlargement surgery in India starts from USD 3,500.
  • In Turkey, penile enlargement starts from USD 2,500, penile thickening starts from USD 2,250 and cost of penile enlargement and thickening starts from USD 3,500.

Penis enlargement surgery is a surgical procedure that aims at increasing the length or girth of the penis.

There may be other names for this procedure like-

  • Male enhancement surgery
  • Phalloplasty
  • Penoplasty
  • Penile augmentation

The reason for such enlargement may be for mental or physical fulfillment. Although, a true need for PES is rare, as per the Urology Care Foundation (UCF), surgery is necessary only if the individual has a condition called micropenis. It refers to an abnormally small-sized penis.

The condition is rare and may be caused due to hormonal or genetic reasons. To qualify as micropenis a penis is measured less than 3 inches (7.5cm). This condition is also known as a buried penis, which can be congenital or can develop with age.

People with such conditions where the functionality is affected. A penile enlargement surgery is recommended to restore functions like:

  • Being able to urinate standing up.
  • Being able to have penetrative sexual intercourse

Surgery is typically reserved for men who experience such functional problems which are either due to problems present at birth or due to afflicted injury.

Most men who think the penis size is small, actually have penises that are considered typical size. This may be due to having an exaggerated perception of what is considered a typical size.

The cost of Penis Enlargement surgery in India starts from USD 3,500. In Turkey, penile enlargement starts from USD 2,500, penile thickening starts from USD 2,250 and cost of penile enlargement and thickening starts from USD 3,500.

Penis Enlargement Surgery (PES)

  • PES augments the girth, length, and possibly the glands of the penis.
  • With this surgery, the length and circumference can be increased by 1 to 2 1/2 inches and up to 50% thicker, respectively (except the head).
  • The surgeon cuts and detaches the suspensory ligaments that hold the penis in its usual position to increase the length. This allows the penis to descend, which allows access to the area hidden beneath the skin wall.
  • Enlargement of the penis can provide a boost in self-esteem for some men
  • A penile enhancement surgery can treat extreme penile curvature (which makes sexual penetration painful) and can improve the sexual experience in men with such conditions.
  • The rate of superficial skin sensation also fares well in 83% of patients.
  • The length can be increased by 1 – 2 inches and circumference by 50 percent or more depending on the patient’s own wishes and anatomy.
  • Less scar tissue is produced as small incisions are made.
  • Around 93% of patients after phalloplasty have reported satisfaction with their genitals.

Penile Enlargement Surgery includes procedures like

  • Ligamentolysis
  • Penis Enlargement- using autologous fat.
  • Penis Enlargement-using dermal fillers.
  • Hyaluronic acid injections.
  • Fat injections.
  • Implantation of the Penuma device.

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About Penuma Implants

Penuma implant has been the first FDA-cleared implant for male enhancement since 2004. The implants are made under US quality control, hence in an ISO-certified facility.

They are made from the same medical-grade silicone gel used in making breast implants and can be customized during surgery as per the shape of the penis.

  • Penuma implants come in three sizes-large, extra-large and extra-extra-large.
  • This opts for a physical enhancement as it increases the thickness, girth and length along with a natural look.
  • It is permanent in nature, yet reversible and removeable.
  • Being in a category of a minimally invasive procedure.
  • Doesn’t leaves any scars on the penis.
  • Doesn’t interfere in the penile function or sexual activity and have no interference with the urethra either.
  • Surgical removal of the suprapubic fat pad.

Like any other cosmetic surgery, the procedure is susceptible to any surgery-like risks and side effects:

  • Loss of sensation
  • Pain with erection
  • Infection/perforation of the implant
  • Breakage of the implant
  • Seroma
  • Infection in the stitches/stitches coming apart.

Many of these side-effects are temporary and may surface only due to the lack of competence in the surgery skills, lack of patient follow-ups, and lack of post-operative care.


  • The recuperation time may vary to 10-15 days. The incision heals in the first 5 days following a medical procedure.
  • Any swelling or other discomfort like pain, anxiety will drop during the first week itself. PES recovery can be improved by some important instructions given by the surgeons like elevating the scrotum and using ice to cope up with the swelling. However, ice should not be applied directly on the scrotum or the operated area to avoid frostbite.
  • Use of sportive undergarment, jockstrap and keeping the penis pointing towards the belly button to avoid any curve in the penis, limiting any strenuous activity can speed up the recovery.

Success Rate

The success rate of Penile Enlargement Surgery is quite high. The only complications or any side-effects surface due to the failure in understanding and following the post-operative measures or instructions.

Also, Penis Enlargement Surgery being an aesthetic surgery, is Reversible, hence being one of the most successful plastic surgeries.

Time Span of a Penile Enlargement Surgery

Or how long the effect of an enlargement surgery be there is the top concern for most of the individuals who undergo the procedure.

  • The procedure lasts for 2-4 years.
  • The period may vary as per the metabolism of the patient, which may be based on age, vitals, fitness and past medical records.
  • About 40% of the injected adipose tissue will work and be there. So, even if the penis begins to get back the previous condition, it may not get back to its original state.
  • Notably, if the patients wish to repeat the procedure, the results would be even more permanent.

Risks/ Side Effects

There are certain possible risks associated with penile enlargement surgeries.

  • PES is a cosmetic procedure thus, may not improve functioning. Penis enlargement surgery aims at aesthetics.
  • The variance in the outcome expected and the actual result post-surgery may create dissatisfaction. The exact result cannot be guaranteed for this reason it is very important to have realistic goals for the procedure.
  • Similar to every surgical technique, the complications such as postoperative infections, damage to surrounding nerves and tissues, and also potential side effects from anesthesia may occur.
  • A psychological complication that may affect some men after penile enhancement surgery is anxiety. In some cases, it may prevent them from having the complete pleasure or fantasy of a bigger penis.

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Best Countries for Penis Enlargement Surgery


People from all over the world choose to avail themselves of the best penile enlargement surgery in India because of a number of reasons. India is a popular choice for medical tourists due to tis advanced facilities, low pricing and competent surgeons. The top reasons that make India the most favorable country for phalloplasty include
  • Low penile enlargement surgery cost in India– The prices cut to more than half offering high savings to already distressed patients. The cost of a Penile Enlargement Surgery is under 60% of the absolute cost realized for comparative treatment and medical of medical procedure, in the US and other western countries.
  • The cost of a Penile Enlargement Surgery In India starts from $3500 as compared to – $9500 in US
  • No compromise in supremacy when its India as it has internationally and nationally accredited hospitals- in the top cities of India and are easily accessible through all major airlines of the world.
  • Acclaimed urologists– when its urosurgery, India could be the country which can be listed amongst the developed countries and thus it offers various urology services and
  • Veteran Surgeons– Skilled and experienced surgeons who have learned from and practiced medicine in different parts of the world like US and Australia gives them an edge and exposure to deal with foreign nationalities. They are equipped with resources and knowledge to carry out surgeries as per international standards thus, labelled as the International Patient’s Choice
  • World-class medical facilities and the latest surgical technologies- that provide assurance for successful and effective clinical outcomes
  • Excellent patient care services managed international-patient services department of all the top penile enlargement hospitals in India.
  • Professionalism is a parallel function when selecting and undergoing a surgery in India as its undertaken by best medical fraternity.
  • Outstanding operational services– Almost all hospitals which could be opted for surgery in India offer arrangement of transportation, pre-surgery tests, stay options for the patient and the attendants, food options as prescribed by attending doctors.
Other reasons may include some very important factors to be considered to consider India as the destination for a PES or PIS:
  • International connectivity
  • No language barrier
  • Food options for all ethnicity
  • Safe and economical during the stay.
  • Affordable accommodation for pre- and post-surgery stays
  • Easy availability of compassionate caregivers


Turkey is a medical destination known for its expertise in cosmetic surgeries, that too when it’s pocket friendly! It is one of the top-rated places amongst other top players in the field of medical tourism. Penis Enlargement Surgery is considered safe and a well-tested method to increase the girth of the penis.

Penis enlargement in Turkey is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries.

Considering the reasons for its popularity from clients all over the world, the following are the top most in the list:

  • Cost and affordability: The average cost of a Penile Augmentation Surgery in Turkey is much more affordable as compared to other European Hospitals/destinations. Turkey, therefore, is the cheapest country for penis enlargement operations abroad.
  • In Turkey, penile enlargement starts from USD 2,500, penile thickening starts from USD 2,250 and cost of penile enlargement and thickening starts from USD 3,500.
  • In Turkey one can find and explore getting a penis augmentation simply by tracking the reviews of the patients, before & after photographs from the most skilled surgeons.
  • Turkey has all-inclusive packages to offer to its clients/patients which include Girth enhancement,
  • Penile thickening surgery
  • Suspensory ligament
  • Fat transfer
  • Penuma implants
  • Hyaluronic acid injections

The surgeons in Turkey are skilled not only in terms of surgical merits, however, they have earned the trust in years by following the treatment protocol, keeping in mind the patients’ interest than their own for monetary benefits.

A proper urology examination is conducted and then they listen to the patient’s complaint and understand their expectation.

Keeping this as a basis they examine any other health-associated problems, any past injury or surgery history with the most aesthetic intervention Penis Enlargement Surgery is undertaken with general anesthesia.

Sort of Penis Enlargement Surgery in Turkey

Pubic lift penis enlargement technique-

  • There are cases where males have excessive skin in the pubic area which projects it as a hidden penis syndrome.
  • In such cases the surgeons remove the extra, hanging skin by performing a pubic lift procedure to lift the pubic area by removing the hanging skin. This improves visibility and enhances the overall size of the penis.

Dermal penile fat graft-

  • A new technique used in male genitals enhancement surgeries. This is also known as penile enlargement grafting. As the name suggests here the male genitals are grafted surgically to give it an enhanced girth.
  • During the procedure, a small portion of skin and fat is removed from beneath the buttocks to widen the gith of the penis.
  • The fat that’s extracted is then placed under the penile skin making it much thicker.

Platelet-rich penis augmentation-

  • Also known as PRP, this is rather a non-surgical male genitals enhancement option. It has proved to be a procedure to achieve a stronger and studier genital with longer erection that too without an exclusive surgical procedure.
  • A blood sample is drawn and platelets are extracted from blood cells. Tissues in the body are regenerated by the energy and growth factors present in the platelets.


Known as the Penis Augmentation Procedure, Thailand may be the top listed destination in the world to perform PES/PIS which is supported by the success rate and the testimonials of happy clients.

All techniques require two nights of hospitalization and a recovery period of 10-14 days in Thailand.

The most common Penis Augmentation Surgeries in Thailand are

  • Penis Girth Surgery targets to enhance the thickness of the penis in both flaccid and erect states.
  • Penis Length Surgery can give the flaccid penis an average of 2cm, but the size of an erect penis remains unchanged.
  • Liposuction is a surgical procedure to remove the fat under the abdomen which reveals the buried penis up to 2 cm by removing the excess fat.
  • Penuma is an implant /device inserted under the skin of the penis to give it length and make it wider and thick.

Approach and accessibility: A liberal and an unprejudiced approach in matters like corrective surgeries which are considered taboo in some places- has made Thailand the top choice for Penile Enlargement Surgery/Penile Implant Surgery. People seeking such options are comfortable discussing the procedure and later getting it done with utmost care due to an easy, unruffled access to several options at the same place.

Combining medical treatment with holidays-to enjoy the beaches, food and hospitality of Thailand at the most economical medical options.

Success rate– Penile Enlargement Surgery in Thailand has an excellent success rate with effective clinical results.

Top notch health facilities offered by top most hospitals in Thailand, with excellent clinical care to ensure the best treatment is delivered to the patients.

The cost factor– The cost of a Penile Enlargement Surgery in Thailand depends on the type of the prosthetic implant that is used.

Less waiting time: In Thailand, government funded healthcare is commonly available through public hospitals, however, only for the locals. The foreign patients bear the regular pricing. This ensures a controlled rush in private hospitals and results in less waiting time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What the time is taken for a Penile Enlargement Surgery?
In a normal scenario it may take 4-5 hours.

Q. Is the increase in size permanent for the lifetime?
The size in respect to the length will remain the same however, the circumference may not be constant. Patients do return in a few years.

Q. What is an average penis size?
There may not be a definite penis size as it differs from person to person and may be considered moderate till the time there is no interference in functionality. However, by and large it may be said a moderate size should be around 13.5cm in erection.

Q. Why is deciding the correct place for a penile enlargement surgery listed as one of the most important factors?
Penis enlargement surgery is one of the most delicate operations which may make an individual safe, secure and insecure. This is because it is directly related to one’s identity. So, anyone considering this as an option finds himself in quite a desperate mood.

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