How Much Does Robotic Cardiac Surgery Cost?

The cost of robotic heart surgery starts from USD 10,500. However, the same surgery costs almost $30,000 in the US. Thus, by coming to India, a patient from the US saves almost 70 percent of their money by spending less on the treatment.

Robotic Heart Surgery
Robotic surgery is a method of surgery that allows doctors to perform, complex surgical procedures with greater precision, control and flexibility.

What is robotic cardiac surgery?

  • Robotic cardiac surgery is heart surgery done using cutting-edge robotic technology, through very small cuts in the chest.
  • With small instruments, the surgeon can reach the heart without cutting open the chest bone. The surgeon inserts a small camera and small robotic arms through these minor cuts.
  • Specialized tools are used to stabilize the part of the heart on which the surgeon works, in a precise manner with a magnified view.
  • The surgeon operates while sitting on the Robotic console controlling all the movements of the robot, while a nurse and another surgeon assist him to perform the surgery on the patient’s bedside

What all surgeries can be done by robotic cardiac surgery?

Robotic cardiac surgical procedures include:

  • CABG
  • Mitral or aortic valve repair/ replacement surgery
  • Cardiac/ thymus tumor removal,
  • Heart wall defect repair like ASD/VSD.

Robotic Heart Surgery Cost

An advanced form of robotic heart surgery treatment in India is available at an extremely affordable cost, as compared to the rest of the world.

These pocket-friendly prices attract a lot of patients from around the world each year, especially for all forms of robotic surgeries (cardiothoracic or abdominal).

 SurgeryPrice in ($)
1Robotic Assist CABGUSD 13,000
2Robotic MVR/MV RepairUSD 13,000 + cost of valve/ring
3Robotic ASD/ThymectomyUSD 13,000
5MICS MVR/AVRUSD 10,500 + cost of valve

Robotic heart surgery cost in India is much less than other developed countries with a similar availability of medical facilities. These countries include the US, the UK, Russia, China, Singapore, Thailand and Mexico.

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How is it different from conventional heart surgery?

  • Conventional heart surgery is performed by splitting the central chest bone and with or without placing the patient on a Heart Lung machine to stop the heart while surgery is performed.
  • Robotic cardiac surgery is performed through tiny cuts without any cutting of the bone.

What are the benefits of robotic cardiac surgery?

  • The main benefit of robotic assist cardiac surgery is that it does not involve cutting open the breast bone.
  • This reduces trauma to the body and wound infection, less blood loss, drastically reduced postoperative pain, insignificant scars, and shorter hospital stay – 3 to 4 days.
  • Patient usually can return to full activity and work early – within 2 weeks.

Benefits for the patient

  • More precise surgery
  • Less pain
  • Fewer surgical complications
  • Reduced need for the hospital stay
  • Shorter recovery time

Benefits for the surgeon

  • An enhanced visual field
  • Superior dexterity
  • Better access to areas of concern

What are the risks of robotic cardiac surgery?

  • One of the main benefits of robotic cardiac surgery is that it has fewer risks than conventional surgery. The surgeon does not have to cut through the breastbone to open your chest. This removes many of the feared complications of open chest surgery.
  • In some instances the surgeon may not be able to complete the surgery using the robot and might need to open the chest to complete the procedure. The risk of that scenario is nearly 1-2%.

Eligibility for robotic cardiac surgery

  • Most patients are suitable to undergo Robotic cardiac surgery.
  • However there may be a few patients with poor heart function, previous lung problems or who have had previous chest operation who may not be suitable.
  • The Robotic specialist surgeon would review the patient and decide the above.

Are there any aftereffects or side effects of robotic CABG?

  • No, Robotic cardiac surgery has no aftereffects or side effects additional to that of conventional cardiac surgery
  • It is actually beneficial as it leads to lesser pain, fewer complications and quicker recovery

How can Lyfboat assist you getting Robotic Cardiac Surgery?

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Lyfboat is a free advisory platform; we do not charge any fees from patients. In fact, we negotiate the price that Indian hospitals offer. In some cases we are able to reduce the cost by negotiating upto 20% of what Hospitals generally offer. We advise the best treatment from the top hospital/surgeon at best price.

What is the time for recovery after robotic cardiac surgery?

  • In Robotic surgery recovery is quick.
  • Patients usually stay in ICU for 1-2 days.
  • Are usually discharged from the hospital in 3-4 days after surgery.
  • They are able to return to full normal activity in 10-14 days.

What is the success rate of robotic cardiac surgery?

The outcomes of Robotic cardiac surgery are extremely well due to

  • Low injury to the body
  • Precision surgery
  • Fewer complications
  • Quicker recovery

When compared to open chest surgery.

What is the cost range and variance for robotic cardiac surgery when compared with conventional surgery?

  • Robotic cardiac surgery is slightly more expensive than conventional surgery due to the added cost of the robotic arms and instruments.
  • The benefit of early return to normal activity and reduced risk of complications outweighs the additional cost.
Dr. Surbhi Suden

Verified By Dr. Surbhi Suden

Dr. Surbhi Suden is one of the founders of Lyfboat and a doctor with a renowned name in the Medical tourism industry. She has been working with international patients since 2008 and is a deeply committed professional with a long term vision of transforming the current healthcare scenarios.

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Dr. Surbhi Suden

Verified By Dr. Surbhi Suden

Dr. Surbhi Suden is one of the founders of Lyfboat and a doctor with a renowned name in the Medical tourism industry. She has been working with international patients since 2008 and is a deeply committed professional with a long term vision of transforming the current healthcare scenarios.
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