How Much Does Robotic Knee Replacement Cost?

Last Modified: July 17, 2023  |   Created on: March 13, 2023

Robotic unilateral knee replacement cost in India is USD 4,800. Robotic bilateral knee replacement cost in India is USD 7,600.

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery comes as a solution to improve the outcomes for the patient who experience pain due to an injury, arthritis, or some other condition that affects any parts of their knee. Doctors recommend surgery as an option when no other line of treatment seems to work. The key to knee replacement is placing the implant in the right way.

However, the fear of getting under the knife, the fear of blood, of any further bone damage becomes bigger than the discomfort they face. This is the reason that knee replacements happen only after patients have tried and tested all non-operative treatments.

There are instances where patients see themselves at crossroads when it comes to decision-making. There are cases with traditional knee replacement surgery where the patients have been unhappy with the results due to this reason.

However, with an experienced surgeon and a reputed hospital, robotic surgery definitely guarantees improved efficiency, precision, and accuracy in implant positioning as it uses AI-enabled robotic technology. This is again based on the surgeon’s choice and the surgery place. It is always recommended to understand the course of action before making decisions.

As per Global Data around three million knee reconstruction surgeries are performed worldwide each year. 2020 saw robotic assistance perform 11% of knee reconstruction surgeries. Robotic-assisted knee reconstruction surgeries are expected to rise to 700,000 globally by 2030.

Cost of a Robotic Knee Surgery In India

  • Robotic unilateral knee replacement cost in India is USD 4,800.
  • Robotic bilateral knee replacement cost in India is USD 7,600
  • Robotic knee surgery in India provides cutting-edge advantages for patients suffering from unbearable knee conditions for years.
  • India is developing at a great pace making its mark in almost every medical and clinical field. With doctors and surgeons getting their degrees and education from the leading hospitals across the globe it is embracing the best of technology.
  • The country has made outstanding progress in the field of research and development of novel treatments. The technology used in India’s best hospital for knee replacement is at par with those of developed countries however, at a much lesser cost.
  • In addition, medical expenses in India are quite affordable, making it a great destination for knee replacement procedures.
  • The most advanced technologies available in developed countries are also available in India. The hospitals here are well-equipped with the most up-to-date machines and tools for providing effective and successful robotic knee replacement surgeries in India.

Factors that affect the increased cost of robotic surgery as compared to the traditional Knee Replacement Surgery include

  • The effectiveness in complex surgeries.
  • It is highly functional with high precision rates compared to other traditional procedures.
  • It is easy to perform and determines the ideal placement of screws, bone grafts, and implants after obtaining x-ray images of the area before the procedure.

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Robotic Knee Surgery In India

The robotic system is designed to assist the surgeon:

  • Plan the surgery based on a patient’s unique anatomy.
  • Position the total knee implant using a combination of computer and robotic assistance.

Robotic surgery may not imply actual robot performs the entire surgery however, this technique implies that a surgeon inserts a tiny 3D camera and dime-sized surgical instruments into the patient through small incisions, usually 3 inches in size.

The camera allows the surgeon to get a 360-degree magnified view of the surgical area. Using the system’s arm and leg controls, the surgeon digitally moves robotic arms attached to surgical instruments.

The surgeon is able to accurately remove the diseased part of the knee and position it with a new implant that offers better knee functioning. This minimizes the risk of infections and promotes faster recovery.

As per the surgeons, what this technique provides is the sub-millimeter, sub-degree accuracy, and there’s no way that hand-held instruments like a saw which they normally used, could have achieved.

Robotic Knee Surgeries are Preferred Over the Traditional Knee Replacement Surgeries

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in India has gained popularity among surgeons and among patients as well. In this new era Robotics is becoming a new tool in hospitals for the treatment of complicated surgeries as these surgeries have significant benefits that are provided over .raditional knee replacement surgery.

For areas that may require the steadiest hand and absolute precision, the robotic surgical arm is used during parts of the procedure to navigate through the small places with accuracy. Robotics in a way has become another tool for surgeons.

  • Using CT scans, the robotic works using 3D images of the surgical area and is capable of performing the following tasks with great precision:
  • Prepare the bone.
  • Introduce the implant.
  • Balance the implant.
  • Check for the right fit.
  • The Robotic Knee Replacement Surgeries in India are extremely precise, allowing the surgeon to do robotic partial knee replacement 2-3 times more accurately than the conventional knee replacement surgery. This accuracy helps to spare healthy bones and tissues while getting rid of diseased bones and tissues.
  • Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in India is becoming popular amongst patients as they are benefiting with the chronic knee problems which were earlier untreated and considered too complex to be performed, by traditional surgery. The accuracy that Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in India is providing has changed the view of many surgeons and patients for new technology.

India is known for developing newer technologies and is further believed to take this advancement in Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery to a better level. This newer advancement in science will continue to benefit people with knee problems, and robots have the potential to change the world.

Types of Robotic Knee Replacements in India

  • The Navio Surgical System: The Navio adds to the surgeon’s expertise by evaluating cuts and guiding implant placement and joint alignment.
  • Mako Robotic-Assisted Surgery: It takes a slightly different approach to assist the surgeon in strict adherence to your surgical plan.

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Benefits of Robotic Surgery

The robot gives the surgeon the information that’s required about the condition of the knee, to make the surgery as precise and accurate as possible.

  • From a surgeon’s perspective, there’s an added advantage that it creates virtual boundaries on the bone surface. This means, even if the surgeon tries to deviate from the plan either intentionally or unintentionally, the robot will not let him cut any other structure than the damaged bone.
  • The prosthesis is better balanced and positioned and its placement and alignment are more precise.
  • Better functioning knee as the risk of nerve damage and other issues is minimum.
  • The patient is able to resume an active lifestyle sooner than expected as there is less damage to the surrounding tissues and muscles, which results in a quicker and easier recovery.
  • There is no room for human error. This is due to the fact that the surgeon is able to control the robotic arm much more precisely than their own hand.
  • Maximizes longevity of the implant. More accurate knee replacement ensures reduced chances revision surgery down the road.
  • There will be fewer complications, such as surgical site infection. This again speeds up the recovery process.
  • The two things which patients fear the most-pain and blood loss, are both reduced. Patients who undergo robotic surgery often report less pain and a quicker return to normal activities.
  • The scars are less noticeable. Usually, the incision is around 3 inches.
  • Robotic surgery is capable of treating a range of conditions. A robotic knee replacement, can be used to treat people with early to middle-stage osteoarthritis of the inner, top, or outer knee compartments. Candidates with severe health issues like diabetes, obesity, and inflammatory disease can undergo robotic knee replacement surgery in India.


In both robot-assisted and traditional knee replacement surgeries have good long-term outcomes. Like any surgery, both come with risks and benefits.

However, robotic surgery among other benefits often has:

  • fewer complications.
  • a lower risk of infection.

These factors give an extra edge to Robotic Knee Surgery in India where it means patients have an easier and faster recovery.

Although the procedure is very successful overall, patient satisfaction varies.

Robotic knee surgery recovery time is generally only have a convalescence period of 2-3 weeks in comparison to the 8 weeks with a traditional knee replacement surgery.

Even after feeling completely healed, it is critical to follow the post-operative guidelines carefully and most religiously.

It may take 3-4 weeks for the full recovery in some cases.

Robotic Knee Surgery Vs Conventional Knee Replacement Surgery:


Aspects of Comparison

Conventional Knee Replacement (CKR)

Robotic-assisted Knee Replacement (RKR)

Line of Treatment

This is a technique that is invasive and painful as compared to the RKR

Minimally invasive treatment

Damage Control

The surgeon may need to cut surrounding tissue and place additional retractors to see better, reach, and remove damaged areas and attach the new parts.

With robotic knee replacement, only the disease part is resurfaced, sparing the surrounding healthy tissues and bones.


X-ray images are used to create 2-D pictures so they are less accurate

Images are taken with a CT (or computed tomography) scan. The CT machine rotates, taking pictures at every angle. Alignment and adjustment of the implant can be done with precision.


8 to 10 inches long.

Maximum 3 inches long


Due to a deeper incision the risk of further complications is more.

Hardly any risk of complications.

Total Time

Around 2 hours 45 minutes

2 hours. This includes the time it takes to prep the patient for surgery and close the incisions afterward. The actual surgical procedure itself typically only takes around 30 minutes

Success Rate




Around 8 weeks


Pain and Trauma

A deeper incision means more blood loss and more pain. Robotic assistance enables precision that reduces traumatic areas.

Less trauma on the bone and tissue. Robotic assistance allows for precision that reduces traumatic areas.

Patient Satisfaction

The post-operative pain which depends from individual to individual is sometimes /more than the pain before the surgery.

The implant can be aligned and adjusted more carefully, which increases the patient’s comfort.


A longer rehabilitation is required in case of post-operative complications.

Patients require less rehabilitation 

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