Stem Cell Therapy! An alternative for Knee Replacement

Last Modified: March 24, 2020  |   Created on: February 28, 2018
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Surgery is not the only option to get treated for severe knee pain. Stem cell therapy is a new innovation for treatment of knee problems. Stem cell therapy is a same-day procedure where stem cells are harvested and re-injected into the knees on the same day. For most patients the complete procedure is a series of stem cell injections that happen over the course of about a week, depending on each patient’s situation.

Stem cells are the building blocks of our body. Our stem cells can be found in our bone marrow, blood, and adipose tissues. The adipose tissues come from the same family of cells that form joints, muscles, and bone. These stem cells can be used to repair our body parts if needed.

Stem Cell Knees

How is a stem cell injection helpful?

We are constantly regenerating our tissues and organs. Our healing ability relies on our body’s natural ability. Stem cells repair our body but during older age or severe injuries, we sometimes don’t get it in the required amount. The stem cell knee injections help to address knee problems by greatly increasing the body’s natural repair cells and the knee starts healing. A surgeon will harvest cells from areas rich in mesenchymal stem cells, then concentrate those cells in a lab before precisely re-injecting them into the damaged knee area to repair.

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Who is an ideal stem cell therapy candidate?

Stem cell therapy for knee is the world’s most advanced regenerative injection procedure used for the treatment of almost all knee conditions. Doctors determine if a patient is an ideal stem cell therapy candidate during an initial examination. A diagnosis is performed to determine the severity of the injury or chronic condition. Some of the common conditions treated by stem cell knee injections include:

  1. Arthritis,
  2. Meniscus tears,
  3. Traumatic ligament injuries,
  4. Overuse conditions,
  5. Other degenerative conditions,
  6. ACL,
  7. MCL,
  8. PCL or LCL sprain or tear,
  9. Knee Instability,
  10. Patellofemoral Syndrome/Chondomalacia,
  11. Pes anersine bursitis,
  12. Baker’s cyst,
  13. Patellar tendonitis,
  14. Biceps Femoris Insertional Tendinopathy, and
  15. Hamstrings Tendinopathy.

Cost of stem cell therapy for knees
Knee replacement surgery causes pain and swelling in knees. It is not always a viable option for knee patients. Doctors may recommend a stem cell knee injection to for quicker healing from knee pain.
Stem cell knee therapy packages range from $2,000 to $3,500 in India. This can be less or more depending upon hospital type and severity of the condition. Many patients find comfort in stem cell knee therapy cost after discussing the treatment option in detail with doctors.

Benefits of stem cell therapy for knees

Benefits of stem cell treatment for knees are following:

  • It is relatively quick procedure than surgery:

    The stem cells are harvested and re-injected in knees on the same day.

  • The treatment package (cost) is reasonable:

    Initial consultation, exam, and treatment planning are all done for at an affordable cost.

  • Stem cell therapy for knees is purely natural:

    Patients own stem cells are used for this procedure. The surgeons take stem cells from one part of patient’s body and inject them into his or her knees. The entire treatment is done in one sitting. It is a purely natural procedure.

  • It takes very short time to recover:

    With stem cell knee injections, patients walk in and walk out of the procedure on his or her own. Daily routine should stay the same. In a few weeks, the patients become active.

Risks of stem cell therapy for knees

Knee replacement surgery is associated with several risks. Most of the risks evaporate when the patient choose stem cell therapy as an alternative for knee replacement. Infection is the biggest risk, but due to the minimally invasive procedure, it is rare.

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