Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost in India

Penile enlargement surgery in India is from USD 1700 (INR 123,000) for lengthening only. The cost for penile enlargement and thickening is USD 2500 (INR 181,000). The penile implant cost may range from USD 2500 to USD 14000 for two-piece and three-piece inflatable penile implant.

Number of days of hospitalization: 1 day; Stay in the country: 5 days

Penis Enlargement

For most men around the world, penile length is a major source of concern in terms of physical appeal. There are a number of products and techniques in the market today that claim to help increase the size of the penis. 

However, penile surgery still remains the only permanent solution for a man who wants to increase his penile dimensions. The surgical procedure can bring about visual changes in the penis and lead to penile enlargement by a few centimeters or more than an inch.

Phalloplasty Surgery is a penile enhancement surgery that augments the girth, length, and possibly the glands of the penis. With this surgery, the length and circumference can be increased by one to two and a half inches and up to fifty percent thicker, respectively (except the head).

The surgeon cuts and detaches the suspensory ligaments that hold the penis in its usual position to increase the length. This allows the penis to descend, which allows access to the area hidden beneath the skin wall.

The penile implant surgeon then extends the penile length in proportion to the length of the internal portion. Further, penile weight hanging and certain stretching devices (Penile traction devices, or penis extenders) can be used for the next few months to permanently increase size as a successful outcome. The total increase in the length may vary depending on the individual’s anatomy and it cannot be predicted prior to the surgery.

Another surgical technique used is known as a dermal graft/implant, also called a dermofat graft. This method can increase penile girth as well as length. The procedure involves the use of the patient’s own fat cells/tissues, taken from other parts of the body, and then transplanted into the penis.

This results in an increased circumference of the penis (50% or more) and the penile shaft is filled with fat cells to maintain a proper proportion.

At a glance:

  • It is a daycare surgery: discharge by the evening.
  • Also known as Phalloplasty and Penoplasty, the Penile lengthening surgery can result in an increase of 4-5 cm in length of the penis.
  • Methods used: suspensory ligament release and dorsal scrotoplasty to increase penis length.
  • Penile girth enhancement by fat injection can increase penile girth by up to 1 inch.

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Who may need penis enlargement surgery?

The candidates for penile enlargement or phalloplasty are generally:

  • Men with a birth defect – congenital absence, hypoplasia or malformation
  • Men who wish to enlarge their penis to impress their sexual partners or boost their own self-esteem
  • A traumatic injury to the penis that required removal of the penis
  • Malignant neo-formations (abnormal growth of the tissue)
  • Women who want to change their gender from female-to-male, i.e. transition into men
  • Infections such as necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating disease)

It is possible to perform a full construction of neo-phallus (female-to-male gender changes) and reconstruction of the injured penis.

The surgery is contraindicated in cases for men who take blood thinners, have heart problems, or are not old enough to weigh the risks and benefits. Another condition that is a contraindication to penile enlargement surgery is – body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).

This means that the patient looks at, analyzes and measures his penis around 20-30 times a day and wishes to gain 5 cm or more through surgery.

What are the advantages of phalloplasty surgery in India?

Phalloplasty offers a number of benefits to a person, including:

  • Enlargement of the penis can provide a boost in self-esteem for some men.
  • A penile enhancement surgery can treat extreme penile curvature that makes sexual penetration painful and can improve the sexual experience in men with such conditions.
  • The rate of superficial skin sensation also fares well in 83% of patients.
  • The length can be increased by 1 – 2 inches and circumference by 50 percent or more depending on the patient’s own wishes and anatomy.
  • Less scar tissue is produced as small incisions are made.
  • Around 93% of patients after phalloplasty have reported satisfaction with their genitals.

Why choose to have penile enlargement surgery in India?

People from all over the world choose to avail themselves of the best penile enlargement surgery in India because of a number of reasons. The top reasons that make India the most favorable country for phalloplasty include:

  • Low penile enlargement surgery cost in India.
  • Internationally and nationally accredited hospitals in the top cities of India and are easily accessible through all major airlines of the world.
  • Experienced surgeons with training and fellowships from internationally renowned medical institutions.
  • World-class medical facilities and the latest surgical technologies that provide assurance for successful and effective clinical outcomes.
  • Excellent patient care services managed International patient services department of all the top penile enlargement hospitals in India.

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What are the procedures for penis enlargement operations in India?

There are mainly two types of penis enlargement surgeries:

Penile Augmentation:

The aim of this process is to increase the girth or width of the penis, along with length, in some cases. Earlier, this involved injecting the fat cells, taken from elsewhere in the body, into the shaft of the penis to make it look bulky. But the procedure carries risks such as the fat would get partially absorbed and your penis would be left looking lumpy.

The newer method of penile augmentation involves implanted allografts. In this, the fat tissues are implanted onto the penis. This method lasts longer and provides much better results. Different types of grafts can be used for this:

  • A graft from the Forearm: This involves using the forearm as a donor site for lengthening the urethra. It is a simple procedure but may result in a visible scar over the exposed area of the arm. There is also a risk of loss of arm function if the donor site does not heal properly.
  • A graft from the Side of the Chest: This is a comparatively newer surgical technique which involves the use of a graft from the side of the chest, under the armpit. This is also known as musculocutaneous latismum dorsi free flap transfer.

There are a number of advantages over the older forearm flap technique, including hairless, aesthetic appealing (normally colored skin), capable of tactile sensation (for orgasm), hidden scar and a lower risk of complication.

  • Graft or Tissue Flap from the Leg: This is similar to the forearm graft but the donor tissue is taken from the lower leg. The advantage with this is that the donor scar can be easily covered with clothing. It can be combined with a free forearm graft to reconstruct the glans penis (tip).
  • Pubic Area Flap: The graft is sourced from an area close to the pelvic bone. The incision is usually a horizontal cut running across the abdomen under the belly button. The large horizontal scar may not be aesthetically acceptable to many. Another problem is that the grafts may have a less natural appearance and not maintain an erectile implant for a long time.
  • Gillies Technique: This surgery involves the use of a flap of abdominal skin which is rolled into a cylindrical shape to stimulate the penis with urethral extension using another section of skin graft to create a tube within a tube. This also involves the use of penile implants, mostly flexible rods. The technique for this surgery has improved over time.
  • Subcutaneous Soft Silicone Implant: This procedure involves the insertion of a soft silicone implant subcutaneously, under the penile skin.

Possible postoperative problems include fat reabsorption and nodule formation, but these can be minimized by restricting the amount of fat injected in one session.

Penile Lengthening Surgery in India:

This type of surgery involves releasing the suspensory ligament of the penis. The suspensory ligament keeps the penis anchored to the pelvic bone area and also provides support to the penis during an erection. When the surgeon cuts the ligament, the angle of the penis changes, making it look longer.

Although, it depends on a man’s penis anatomy, the release of the suspensory ligament may increase the length of the flaccid penis by 1 to 3 cm on average. However, the lack of support by the ligaments during an erection can cause difficulty in penetration.

The procedure:

During a penile lengthening surgery, the surgeon makes an incision above the base of the penis. The surgeon then detaches the penile suspensory ligament, which allows the penis shaft to be brought forward. The lengthening is done externally, typically by 1- 1 ½ inch.

Men with prominent fat pads in the pelvic region can gain more length; for instance, if a man has a 2-inch fat pad, and 1.5 inches are removed, the additional 1.5 inches will be gained in a supplement to the extension due to suspensory ligament release. The increase in length is only in the flaccid position and some men may find the angle of the erection to be slightly lower.

Generally, an increase in both the length and girth of the penis is performed at the same time, to give it a natural appearance. However, a man can opt to have either the lengthening or enlargement (girth) procedure, depending on personal need and desirability. The surgery does not affect the penile functions, in terms of erection and urination.

Penoplasty or penile lengthening is an outpatient procedure. It is performed using a local anesthetic and IV sedation, not general anesthesia. The operation typically takes around 45 minutes to 90 minutes to complete, depending on the kind of surgery performed – enlargement, lengthening, or both.

What happens after the Penis-Lengthening Surgery?

This depends on the type of surgery performed. In the case of penile lengthening surgery, the patient has deep dissolving sutures on the underlying muscle and tissue. It may involve some skin sutures as well as staples to the pelvic region. 

Whereas with penile enlargement procedure, the patient gets one small suture to the abdomen, or from where the fat is collected and another to the base of the shaft (site where the fat is injected), along with some strapping across the abdomen for a week.

The patient can leave the hospital or clinic for about 3-4 hours after the operation. This is to allow the doctor to monitor the recovery after the sedation.

As the patient is not allowed to drive or take public transport for 48hrs after having sedation, they should arrange for someone to come and collect them from the hospital.

During the first two or three days following the surgery, the patient may experience slight discomfort but it can be controlled with oral painkillers. Some may experience a small amount of bruising and surgical swelling, which generally subsides within two weeks.

The doctor may recommend massaging the penis shaft with Vaseline every day to resolve the problem of asymmetry of the shaft and prevent lump formation.

A follow-up visit is scheduled after one week from the operation, during which the doctor removes the bandages and sutures. Men who undergo lengthening procedures may have to return again in the next week for the removal of sutures and staples on the pelvis.

The follow-up visits are important as the doctor examines and ensures that the healing process is satisfactory and no complication has arisen.

It is advised to take a break for one week after the surgery to rest and recuperate before returning to work. Patients are also recommended to avoid aerobic exercise for 3-4 weeks. Sexual activities can normally be resumed after a month from the surgery.

However, in the case of elongation surgery, it may take 3-6 months to achieve the maximum length.

What are the postoperative complications with Penis Enlargement Surgery?

There are certain possible risks associated with penile enlargement surgeries. The results of the surgery may not satisfy everyone and it is very important to have realistic goals from the procedure.

Similar to every surgical technique, the complications such as postoperative infections, damage to surrounding nerves and tissues, and also potential side effects from anesthesia may occur.

A psychological complication that may affect some men after penile enhancement surgery is anxiety. In some cases, it may prevent them from having the complete pleasure or fantasy of a bigger penis.

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