Adenoidectomy - Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Adenoidectomy Details

Adenoidectomy is a surgery done to remove the adenoids. An adenoid is an enlarged lymphatic tissue located in the back of the nose and the throat near to tonsils. They are removed if they block breathing through the nose and if they cause chronic ear-aches or deafness. This surgery is often done on outpatient basis under general anesthesia.

The adenoids produce white blood cells that help fight infections. Typically, the adenoids shrink during adolescence and may disappear by teenage. The tissue composition of adenoids is the same as that of the tonsils, the surgery for adenoidectomy is done by an otolaryngologists. Often, both tonsils and adenoids are surgically removed at the same time. The patient recovery time can range from 7 hours to 3 days and is discharged on the same day. Whereas, the complete recovery time usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.

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Before Adenoidectomy

The patient has to undergo certain blood tests, X-rays, throat examinations, etc. before proceeding further for the surgery. It is also recommended for the patient to discuss all the problems and discomforts completely with the doctor before the surgery. On analysing the diagnostic reports the doctor discuss the treatment plans and other complications with the patient.

How it is performed

An adenoidectomy is done under general anaesthesia so you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. The surgeon will first locate the adenoids and then remove it either by scraping it away using a special instrument called curette, or by applying heat using a diathermy instrument. A diathermy instrument produces high-frequency electrical currents that burn the adenoids. Once the surgery is over gauze is applied to stop the bleeding. After the bleeding stops, the wound surface is left to heal which heals within a few days.


It is recommended to eat and drink cold food and liquids (e.g. ice cream) on the day of the operation as cold liquids and desserts are soothing for the throat. Don’t eat spicy or hot foods or foods that are hard and crunchy for a couple of weeks.  You can use an ice collar it can help in reducing swelling and pain. It is important to follow the guidelines of your doctor, as this helps in healing faster and will give you speedy recovery.

Potential Risks

Adenoid removal is usually a well-tolerated operation. Risks from any surgery include bleeding and infection at the surgery site. There are also risks associated with anesthesia, such as allergic reactions and breathing problems.

Cost for Adenoidectomy

India from $3,200
Thailand from $3,700

Adenoidectomy Hospitals

Artemis Hospital

Gurgaon, India

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Bangkok, Thailand

Ara Damansara Medical Centre

Selayang Jaya, Malaysia

Saudi German Hospital

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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