Breast Tumor Removal - Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Breast Tumor Removal Details

Breasts have an aesthetic value to the body of a female and they have the ability to produce milk which is used for nourishing young babies. Breasts can develop tumors and cancers as any other part of the body. Cancer is uncontrolled growth of body cells. Your body has a natural mechanism to replace dead cells. When the internal program of the cell gets disturbed and it loses its control over division or multiplication, the condition is called cancerous. Cancers are of two types - Benign and Malignant. Benign cancers usually form tumors and stay at a particular place. They are comparatively less dangerous and are easy to treat. Malignant cancers have a tendency to spread across various tissue and are not easy to treat. Initial signs of breast cancer be feeling unusual and unnatural lumps in your breasts.

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Before Breast Tumor Removal

Your doctor needs to perform a preliminary examination for any kind of abnormal lump or tumor in and around your breasts. This can be done by a physical examination of the breasts. More sophisticated techniques can be used if any doubts are raised. Your doctor will decide upon the need of surgery or any other method that can eliminate the risk. Depending upon the condition you might be advised to undergo partial mastectomy (removal of breast) or complete mastectomy. Your doctor might prescribe you certain medications before the surgery is performed. Please follow all the instructions properly as they help your surgeon to carry out the procedure with ease.

How it is performed

In case you are detected with a tumor which has a benign nature, your doctor might only decide to remove the tumor and some surrounding tissue. This would be like a normal surgery with almost no side effects. In case you are detected with a cancerous tissue then depending upon the diagnosis, your doctor might perform partial or complete mastectomy. This involves removal of the part or the entire breast. The helps in removing the infected tissue from the body. The surgery is coupled with other supportive procedures which help in killing and removing left out cancerous cells from the body.


After the surgery has been performed and the risk of cancer has been eliminated, you can consider undergoing cosmetic procedures like artificial breast implants, or silicone implants in case of partial mastectomy. These procedures will help you restore your natural appearance and are also helpful in dealing with post-surgery traumas of losing your body parts and depression etc.

Potential Risks

The only potential issue in any cancer related surgery is leaving behind cancerous tissue. Doctors try to minimize this risk by imaging the tissues and by ensuring that they remove all the infected tissue. This reduces the risk of developing cancer again.

Cost for Breast Tumor Removal

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