Gallbladder Removal - Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Gallbladder Removal Details

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is one of the most common surgeries which is performed on an individual. This involves removal of the gall bladder. The gall bladder is a pear shaped organ which sits under the liver. The main function of gall bladder is to store the secretions of the liver which is primarily bile juice. Bile juice is very essential to carry out digestion in the small intestines. The gall bladder at times develops stones and this is the reason for removing the organ in majority of the cases. Gall stones result in sharp abdominal pains, inflammation in the gall bladder & infections in gall bladder.

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Before Gallbladder Removal

Your doctor needs to perform all the diagnostic tests to confirm if you need to get the organ removed or not. After the date of surgery has been finalized, your doctor might share a diet plan for you which can keep you at ease. Please take all the medications as prescribed by the doctor and reach for the surgery with an empty stomach. Try to avoid any supplements in the form of medicines or any medicine that helps in thinning the blood.

How it is performed

There are different ways to perform the surgery. The first one is the conventional surgery in which an incision is made on the abdomen to gain access to the organ. In certain cases your doctor will only go for this method if the damage to the organ is extensive and it needs to be removed carefully. Another way of performing the surgery is through laparoscopy. This is a minimally invasive technique. The surgeon will only make few small incisions in the abdomen to in introduce surgical instruments in the abdomen. This leads to minimal scarring. The conventional procedure might not be suitable for individuals who have had a major abdominal surgery prior.


The surgery involves removal of an organ that helps in storing the bile juice. As the organ has been removed, the bile juice will be released directly into the intestines.  To deal with this situation, it is always advisable to eat in small quantities and at regular intervals. You need to make small modifications to your lifestyle to get the best results from your surgery.

Potential Risks

There is limited risk involved in the surgery and this is not a life threatening procedure. You take all the necessary precautions after the surgery to avoid any problems.

Cost for Gallbladder Removal

India from $2,200

Gallbladder Removal Hospitals

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Gurgaon, India

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Bangkok, Thailand

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Selayang Jaya, Malaysia

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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