Cornea Transplant - Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Cornea Transplant Details

The Human eye is a wonderful organ that allows us to see the beautiful world around us. Our eye has a natural lens that allows light to enter the eye and enables us to see. The lens is covered by a covering called cornea which covers the colored part of your eyeball.  Under certain medical conditions the tissue of the cornea becomes clouded or loses its strength and becomes disfigured. This leads to the obstruction in the path of light and light and causes disruption in the normal vision. At times medicines might be used to eliminate temporary infections and in extreme conditions the cornea is removed and a transplant is placed to restore normal vision.

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Before Cornea Transplant

Your doctor will assess the condition of your eye to check and prescribe the treatment which is suitable for you. You might have to stop certain medications before the procedure. Your doctor might prescribe certain eye drops which help in easing out any issues during the surgery.

How it is performed

During the surgery you will be given local anesthesia and your eye will be washed and cleansed. Your Doctor will hold your eye in place to make highly precise cuts on the cornea for its removal. A small microsurgical device is placed and perfectly aligned on the cornea and it cuts of specific depth and helps in removal of the corneal tissue. The same can also be achieved with the help of corneal scissors to cut and remove the cornea manually. After the damaged tissue of cornea has been removed, the area is cleaned and the transplant is placed at its position. The transplant is secured in the place with the help of sutures or stiches which usually dissolve in a few days. The eye is treated with antibiotics to prevent infection and is closed with bandages. The procedure generally requires several days of healing time.


The procedure is usually safe to perform if administered properly. You should follow the instructions from your doctor carefully and should not allow the eye to come in contact with high intensity lights or dirt to prevent any kind of infection. A healthy and hygienic routine will help reduce the healing time and will give better results by ensuring recovery in the vision.

Potential Risks

The procedure does not involve any major risks and is not life threatening. The procedure should be performed by a trained and experienced professional. The healing time can be reduced by following the instructions given by the doctor. Your doctor will put a cover over your eye to help prevent you from accidently rubbing it as this can remove the corneal tissue and ruin the entire surgery. You should be cautious of not doing it even if you feel irritation or itchiness, and your doctor may recommend medicated drops to try to soothe out the irritation.

Cost for Cornea Transplant

India from $1,500
Malaysia from $3,550
Turkey from $6,500
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