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Glaucoma Details

Your eyes are the most precious gift that have been bestowed by nature. However, diseases like glaucoma are silent killers of your eyesight. If not detected early and not treated properly the disease can damage your optic nerve leading to permanent blindness. Optic nerve carries impulses from the retina (area where light focusses in your eye) to your brain for processing. Your eyes naturally produce aqueous humor which is a jelly like substance and is present between the cornea and the lens of your eye. The fluid is also drained from your eyes regularly for maintaining the correct pressure in your eyes. If this mechanism fails it starts building up pressure inside your eyes and damages your optic nerve, this condition is called glaucoma.

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Before Glaucoma

Before you actually undergo a surgery, your doctor will try to treat you with the help of various eye drops and medication. The condition improves in certain individuals with the prescription of medicines. However, if the condition is not getting controlled, then your doctor will schedule the surgery for you. You need to maintain good hygiene in and around your eye to prevent any infection. Follow your doctors’ instructions well to get the best results of the surgery.

How it is performed

The procedure which is usually performed to correct the drainage system of your eyes is called Trabeculectomy. This can be done in a conventional way or can be coupled with Laser technique. In this procedure doctors remove the natural drainage system of your eye and create the passage for the drainage of fluid usually near conjunctiva. This helps in creating normal pressure inside and reducing the damage to the optic nerve. In certain conditions there is a need to put implants in the eye of the patient to let the fluid drain from the eye. This is required to normalize the pressure or intraocular pressure inside the eye. The implant has a drain tube which is inserted into the cornea and the device is fit into the pocket which is made in the sclera (white portion of the eye).


Glaucoma is a silent disease that might permanently destroy your ability to see. If detected early, you can get cured by following the advice of your doctor and can possible eliminate the hassle of getting into any procedure or surgery. Regular use of eye drops and medication can help improve the condition. However, if the condition is getting worse and you have to undergo the treatment, make sure not to ignore the advice of your doctor and follow the instructions carefully. Healing time is not huge and varies from person to person.

Potential Risks

The procedure is usually very safe to perform and is not life threatening. An expert surgeon can perform the treatment with extreme accuracy. You need to follow the medication and precautions cautiously to allow the wound to heal quickly and in a proper manner. In some cases use of lasers lead to burning of some extra tissue of the sclera. However, that has been extensively controlled with the help of most modern techniques.

Cost for Glaucoma

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